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  1. I did additional testing on the 3XL's 1xRTT reception issues vs. a Galaxy S8 Plus. The S8 has about 8-10db better reception on 1xRTT. I think that is totally crazy...
  2. Not close to the shore... Based on what you said I'm thinking they will up the power more after some tuning.
  3. DE54XC788 Got LTE800 at the beginning of December finally. It seems to be broadcasting at a lower power level but I think might be normal for IBEZ 3x3 sites
  4. Just getting no 1x service when my S9+ did have service in the same location. I've also noticed the 1x db levels are a lot worse on my 3 XL. I haven't tested on the 3 or OG Pixel... just Galaxy S8/S9's The LTE radio seems to perform really good in the Pixel though IMO
  5. Something for sure... That would fix the issue
  6. My Pixel 3XL Activated fine a few weeks ago. Although the 1x radio in the phone isn't very strong. I've seen the LTE performance be ok... Wish the 1x performed better. I will probably switch to the S10 when it comes out if a software update doesn't fix the 1x reception issue.
  7. I've had a ticket open for days. My MagicBox is still holding on to an unusable B41 signal since the firmware upgrade. It's been four days since I opened the ticket and now I just escalated it.
  8. My MagicBox is now having the same issue. It is not useable at all when it was decent before
  9. It doesn't do it automatically you need to go to your Galaxy Apps or do an about on phone to get the update there.
  10. I noticed a few things... after the update it forced a profile update. There also was an update to the Samsung Phone application. I think it is prepping for VoLTE for sure.
  11. Upload CA confirmed in East Michigan... still only QPSK so peaks at around 10meg in perfect conditions
  12. I'm hearing mid-September and hearing another rumor that it will have ethernet backhaul as an available option.
  13. My local site just got 800MHz added... the 1x800 is live and B26 should go live soon so I know they are pumping up B26 for this.
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