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  1. That solution would never work because the Airave only supports 6 calls per device it'd probably cause tons of dropped calls because the Airave doesn't transfer calls from the Macro Network to it or from it to the Macro Network anymore.
  2. These are the speeds that I get almost constantly in East Michigan - Southfield, MI area. But I swear when I go to Detroit its like 0.5Mbps down and .02Mbps up.
  3. Not to be be rude, but why would u post this on a Sprint specific site? This post is full of facetious remarks... Maybe u should join www.tmonews.com
  4. I have the EVO LTE and I like it more than the Galaxy S III. (the Galaxy screen is too oversaturated and not as sharp as the EVO IMO) The EVO also looks more masculine, that's why I picked it.
  5. I'm actually in Southfield, MI and I've had a connection to eHRPD pretty much wherever I've been over the past couple of days.
  6. When I had my airave I used to get 2.5Mbps down and 1.2Mbps Up but it was only if I picked a Chicago server
  7. Just turned on my cdma/lte mode and it connected. I'm only getting 0.5Mbps down and 1Mbps up
  8. I remember when I had a Sprint broadband card for my laptop, when I was in high school. The internet used to fly with that card, it was the best wireless internet you could get. I constantly saw speeds of at least 2.6 I even seen 3.0 a couple of times.
  9. No I'm not missing the point. That was a response to pyroscott where he mentioned how they'd still want to get paid. I know that they threw up the towers over there just because of the population. But I was thinking that they chose East, because of the population and because of the minimal customers. Like you said, they get paid by subscribers not actual usage. But in the event the tower was being taxed by heavy users wouldn't they have to invest more money in that tower? So I look at it as a win win for Clear. But it could have also been a win win for Sprint if they deployed west rather it be a protection site or not Sprint customers would love to get more than 0.1Mbps.
  10. The fact of the matter still remains that most of the East protection sites see minimal usage because Clear doesn't sell services here and never have but Sprint does and based off that alone it probably would have been better for them to deploy West if they really wanted to get paid. Most of the people I know that are West have Sprint and the people that I know or see on the Eastside have T-Mobile or MetroPCS. Even my 3G speeds on the Eastside are much faster and 4G wimax is always connecting and fast over there too.
  11. I never thought about that, but I would actually have to say yes the East is more dense than the West based on how the two sides are built the West is spread out but the East isn't.
  12. And what I'm saying is that I believe that to be true. Simply because if you take a look at the Detroit Metro Area protection sites most of them are located in areas that most would consider to be "the ghetto" East Detroit is covered with Wimax but the West isn't. As long as a lot of people aren't using it and complaining about it, its a win for Clear. Most people on the East Side of Detroit tend to have MetroPCS or T-Mobile I never see Sprint, Verizon or AT&T stores or people using those services when in that area. But when I'm over there I stay connected to Wimax almost the entire time.
  13. Actually he's kinda on the right track, but it may not have been clear enough. What he was saying is Clear has to have a certain amount of people covered with their network so that they won't lose the license in that particular area. So Clear put up a lot of towers all over the place without formally launching the service. Perfect example would be the tower that's at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI it covers people and the speeds on Wimax are good but it wasn't a formal launch in Detroit. They even have a tower up by my house but it only broadcasts about 3 square miles. And the speeds are terrible but the wimax phones connect to it.
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