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  1. ceopwong

    Sprint to Begin VoLTE Soft Launch in September

    Yeah that was the general idea that I was given by my source as well. Just the second testing phase was pushed back a month so it will delay and S8 devices were the first compatible phones they were going to try first is the impression I got from our brief conversation. I appreciate your confirmation and info though!
  2. ceopwong

    Sprint to Begin VoLTE Soft Launch in September

    That I do not know since his wheelhouse is Samsung only so the short answer is I don't know and I doubt he knows either but I can toss the question out to him but it will be a bit before I get a reply.
  3. ceopwong

    Sprint to Begin VoLTE Soft Launch in September

    I have heard from a very reliable source that Samsung devices are first to be on the VoLTE testing bandwagon and there are three phases before it reaches testing out in the wild. Sprint is on phase 1 and the next one has been delayed approximately a month and needs to be done before they are asking for volunteers for their devices to be put onto the VoLTE list. He also mentioned the S8 devices are the first ones on the list. Fingers crossed!
  4. I experienced this when I was traveling on I-29 from Omaha to KC area around middle of November. It said Sprint on my Moto X Pure the whole entire way down on my signal Check Pro and I got at least EV-DO the whole entire way except for a few pockets which was nice so I could get streaming radio on my drive home! Although I suspected it was roaming on USCC now I know for sure! This is some awesome progress that Sprint is making in terms of expanding its network (via partners or internally).
  5. David, I know you're super busy with the weather. I am just making sure that you have been getting my tower CSV files. Have you received them and just not enough time in take a look at them? I appreciate your help and efforts to the site! Patrick
  6. Sweet! This is a great sign of network improvements that required time and planning which this site has been great at describing so thanks to Robert and the gang! I just can't wait until LTE-A devices get enabled and future deployments! Go Sprint! Sprint did say it would take some patience to see the true network improvements and it is happening!
  7. I might have to have my Summer of 6&9 moment joy ride through Topeka just to see if we can discover any new developments on the B41 front! Party on!!!!!!!
  8. I have been telling this to folks since the beginning of time for cell service. You want stealth no problem but you will probably see stealth like service (e.g. tower inside a church attic as you can only emit so much radio signals) and they wonder why cell phone service is not the best! You can't have your cake and eat it too!
  9. At least you can say that Sprint does not hate poor people!
  10. Trust me Nathanfish86 as it is worth the wait for 8T8R Nokia baseband equipment to deploy in your area. I was seeing only marginal LTE speeds and getting around 5-8 Mbps was considered awesome where I live. Then when they started deploying the 8T8R equipment then I average around 20-30 Mbps downlink on my Nexus 5 and is only getting a Nokia equipment tower that is almost 5 blocks away from me! It will come with due time. There are a lot of factors to achieving those speeds! I went to Omaha last week and it was only LTE B25 where I went and you can feel the constraints but I know Dkoellerwx is working hard (seriously mad props amigo!) on mapping and identifying more LTE 41 8T8R sites and plotting them on the maps!
  11. Hey there! I'm near the K7 & Prairie Star Parkway aka 95th Street and I am not seeing the B41 yet but I have noticed my B25 signal went from full bars to about 50% and sometimes almost no bars. I am getting a 04D GCI off of Signalcheck app. Let me know and I can help you get some readings.
  12. I believe Lollipop doesn't support the Sprint WiFi calling feature set yet but I hope the Nexus line of phones support it sometime in the horizon. I know there's been times I get decent WiFi but not good CDMA or LTE signal and that feature would have come in handy.
  13. You can always do a phone that's got WiFi calling in it! I got an inexpensive HTC handset that had WiFi calling and it makes a world of difference especially in a marginal area. This is the best deal with unlimited data from any carrier in my opinion.
  14. I'm thinking it is not going to be released under the current Motorola X, 2nd generation moniker and perhaps a new naming just for Sprint. I'm thinking a person handling customer care Twitter account probably doesn't care, have this type of knowledge, or isn't a reader of S4gru.com! Lol!