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  1. I found this article interesting regarding VoLTE updates! Enjoy all! https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/sprint-eyes-volte-launch-virtualized-core-2019
  2. I thought I'd share this interesting additional coverage courtesy of T-mobile LTE Band 2 coverage. I'm in a small town called Osage City, KS and just up until earlier this year did I have only barely any LTE coverage here but had ATT LTE and Verizon for voice coverage.
  3. VoLTE experience question for KC area folks: Does your VoLTE drop between the Nall Exit around the YRC building to US Hwy 69 going westbound? I don't believe it happens to me going eastbound. I was not sure if this is something that is specific to my device or many of the S8 VoLTE users out there. I appreciate everyone's input!
  4. I was nearby Lookout mountain and around the highways around Golden and got VoLTE as long as I got a decent signal.
  5. That makes perfect sense! Thanks for chiming in and adding value to the thread!
  6. No timeline given but they're working diligently on it. This is a total guess is soon. When I asked him about the S8 then it was about a month later the soft launch occurred. This it total speculation but I'm guessing the S8 was the biggest hurdle to jump over and now bringing on additional devices is a bit simpler maybe? This is pure speculation and guessing from my end. He had to help during his vacation time to get the initial VoLTE deployed so they're working hard. A lot of it is they're doing simultaneous things while deploying VoLTE so a lot of moving parts to coordinate.
  7. I'm in Denver (Longmont Hampton Inn) area and woke up this morning (10/12) to have my VoLTE on my S8. I'm not sure if it is only the site serving this area because I've not roamed outside of my hotel room yet but wanted to alert fellow Denver market members on here!
  8. I also was told from my contact that VoLTE will be available for the S9 series next! Woohoo!
  9. I heard from my contact that VoLTE will work with unlocked S8 so I'm assuming the S8+ is in the same boat but it will become "live" with the release Android Pie release and upgrade. No timeline given but at least something to nibble on in the meantime!
  10. You're welcome!! I told him the same thing about getting denied and then I tried the age old wait and see approach and in this rare instance it worked!
  11. Hey RedSpark, I will say that it took several minutes after I just did the S8 update for VoLTE to kick in. I initially tried to toggle it but he said that post update the SIM has to update with Sprint then it worked but he did not give me a time. As I just went to my kitchen to grab an orange juice and play with the kiddo for a few minutes then I came back (estimating around 15 min) and then tried to toggle it again and woolah it worked. I know this is not really answering your question but giving feedback about my experience and it might be a few minutes and try again type thing. But I will ask him and see if Bethesda is included in it. He did use the word "intense" and mentioned there were several delays so I am not surprised if the initial "soft launch" markets were modified (shrunk?) last minute too. But I will toss the question at him.
  12. From the two initial two calls I made the receiving recipients didn't complain about voice quality and I personally asked them if it was better and I got the comment of "night and day" out of one of them. Just my $0.02 into the conversation!
  13. Hey everyone! I got confirmation from my contact that VoLTE is live. Therefore I did the update it is up and running in the KC area now on my S8.
  14. Heck yeah! I can confirm I got the Galaxy S8 Sprint calling plus warning me to delay the update should I want to continue to use the calling plus feature.
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