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  1. Users only spent 5% of time on Verizon 5G ultra wideband. Ouch.
  2. B26 has been turned off in all of the ABQ market. I cannot get anything to connect to it. All phones on my line cannot. I have some travel soon so I will see if it is available in other parts of the state I don't travel often.
  3. Well something happen in ABQ this weekend. Noted some trouble data wise, but this morning at my house both my wife's iphone 8 plus and my XS Max were on Tmobile. On my run it was connected who time. I live in North Albuquerque Acres. Went to work downtown and I noted it switched back to Band 41. Up at my house there is no band 41 (at least usable), so perhaps that is how they are bring on Sprint folks.
  4. At my old house it would connect to band 41 as well, but I wanted to clarify.
  5. Do you have a capable phone? This is the time to go out and spot some towers! Nothing else to do.
  6. All I know is that I have seen at least 8 to 10 new B41 8t8r (no massive) towers now around ABQ. Most are not on the premier maps that were just upgraded. That tells me work is still going on. Now around town, I have at least 30/40 down. I hit my new high downtown, 276. Edit: I have yet to noticeably roam on Tmo.
  7. Your second question is my main question. I would save some money by switching. Just no point right now to do so.
  8. With all of the hoops that Tmo/Sprint went through, its not even a question. The only liklihood would be new Tmo or Dish. From a federal level, it would be dish to help provide broader scale for them.
  9. There are two permits for this site. First one says, remove and replace antennas. The second one is installing new RRH's and hybrid cables. The first does not have a vendor but second is Infinigy. I looked them up. They are a telecommunications company out of NY.
  10. I think I found permits. The City of Albuquerque website is hard to search but best to do by address of tower. This is a tower close to me. I know Tmo already put up 600 and 700 prior. This is what I just found. I included picture of google maps. Edit: the vendor noted is not one Sprint has used in the past. The tower only has Tmo (top) and Sprint (second).
  11. I saw that quote. I guess its time to start of new search of building permits on Tmo towers.
  12. I read the article, and I believe this shows the power of 2.5 when it comes to deployment of 4G/5G. When I am on 2.5 4G LTE, I consistently am between 75 to 140 MBs. That is already really good. If it was more widely deployed in Albuquerque, I am positive they would be speed kings. I am excited where Tmo could take this. I am a little jealous that I am in Albuquerque and not in a bigger city. Who knows. Tmo might have a plan in the next 18 to 24 months to push Massive Mimo on a lot of towers.
  13. Closure as soon as April 1st. I will be interested to see what is performed on both sides in relation to capital outlay plans until that date. Will things slow down? Will both come together to start the integration process? Can integration happen before April 1st? All very exciting. Frankly, I am glad it has finally happen. Either way it landed, I just wanted it to end.
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