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  1. Hello, Probably a stupid question but I'll ask anyway: The HPUE technology that Sprint will be adding to band 41 appears to be a great way to increase signal penetration and distance. My question: Can these same techniques/methods also be applied to the other Sprint bands, 25 and 26, to help increase the signal penetration and distance of those bands? Thanks for the explanation!
  2. Hi, Perhaps this is a FAQ and I'm just not finding the answer. I purchased a used Nexus 5X for my son to use on Sprint. What app should he use for voice mail? I don't think he can find the same app my HTC One M8 had pre-installed. He can call into voice mail, but there isn't an app that appears to be pre-loaded (or available from Sprint on the Play store) so I'm wondering what others use, if any. Thank you!!!
  3. Did replacing the battery fix the problem? I just want to make sure it's actually the battery and not something else before deciding to replace the battery.
  4. Could you please link to any instructions for a battery swap?
  5. Really? Didn't know that. I might look into that.
  6. Wow, really? Batteries are only good for (barely) two years? I believe you, but I'm just surprised that they puke that fast. I thought these Lithium ion batteries were supposed to have longer life.
  7. I've had great luck with my HTC One M8 that I ordered when it was first released two years ago. I've recently noticed a problem where the M8 shuts down like the battery is dead, even though the battery indicator is showing something like 20% charge remaining. This has happened a few times recently, and every time the indicated battery level is 20-25%. So, either the battery indicator is way off, or the battery is shot and is dead even when there is 20% charge remaining. If it's just that the battery indicator is off, is there a way to reset it or otherwise make it more accurately reflect the true battery charge level? Thank you!!
  8. How has it been debunked? (I'm asking because I don't know)
  9. Where is the mobile hotspot app on the M8? I can't seem to find it. I don't have wifi hotspot added to my account, but I'm wondering how I would add it if I decided I wanted it.
  10. MMS on Hangouts still doesn't work when on Wi-Fi calling. I enabled Wi-Fi calling and had my buddy send first an MMS picture followed by a regular text message. The text message showed up immediately, but the MMS picture didn't arrive. After I turned off Wi-Fi calling the MMS picture arrived almost immediately. Looks like MMS on Hangouts and Wi-Fi calling will be forever broken on the M8.
  11. Anybody know if receiving MMS messages using Hangouts on Wi-Fi calling is now fixed? I'll try it tonight after I install the already-downloaded update and report back. Just wondering if anybody else has tried.
  12. Mark your calendars!
  13. Does this suggest that HTC has done everything they need to do to bring Lollipop to the M8, and that it's up to Sprint to do their tweaks and testing before starting the rollout?
  14. I've been running ART since the second day I owned my M8, and I ordered it on launch day. I haven't had problems with apps, at least that I know of. At the time, since my M8 was brand new I figured I didn't have anything to lose with enabling ART. However, if you prefer to live on the safer side, maybe just wait for the Lollipop upgrade when the newer, better ART is the official runtime.
  15. Regarding the size: I like that it would be a shade shorter and narrower, but why is it also a bit thicker? As thin as my M8 is, it seems kinda porky next to the newest iPhones.
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