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  1. All things considered, I'd rather take the experience of dual band 1900/800 broadcasting from the same tower rather than a tri-band broadcasting from two different towers. At least for now.


    I'm torn though, I have an upgrade available to get the 5S, and can sell my 5 for at least the cost of the 5S, if not more, so what to do?


    I also am looking to upgrade my fiancee's phone, from a 4S to a 5S, and I'm sure she'll be happy with it.

    The iphone 5 is still retaining quite a bit of its value.  You can probably sell your iphone 5 and just pay the difference for a 5s unsubsidised and keep your upgrade or sell the iphone 5, use your upgrade and still have a couple hundred left over for something else. 

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  2. Teaser: Is the LG D820 the Nexus 5???

    But T-Mobile did not also have a variant of the Optimus G.  It had only the Nexus 4, right?


    In this case, I cannot imagine that LG would be happy about a less expensive subsidized Nexus 5 in store undercutting its subsidized G2 sales.



    Not sure about a tmobile optimus g but I agree.  So do you think that the nexus 5 will only be available from the playstore?

  3. Teaser: Is the LG D820 the Nexus 5???

    The bigger problem that Sprint and LG may have on their hands is carefully differentiating this handset from the G2.  Otherwise, if both are the same price, why would users opt for the G2?


    One possibility for Sprint could be that the Nexus 5 gets sold only off contract for $350-400, possibly even through Google Play, while the G2 gets sold on contract for $200 subsidized. 



    Good point, but couldn't sprint offer the nexus at the same $199 on contract as the lg? Didn't tmobile do the same thing with the nexus 4 where in store the off contract price was 550 or subsidized at $199 even though you could have gotten it straight from the play store for $300-$350?

  4. Teaser: Is the LG D820 the Nexus 5???

    Color me impressed. If this is priced right, we could have a great device on our hands. 


    LG, please please please, offer at least 16gb onboard, and not 9gb user available :(.

    Exactly, I really hope its priced so that I can easily buy one straight up which is what I am planning on doing anyway.  I was considering the note 3 off contract but this will definitely be worth it if costs half as much as the note.

  5. Teaser: Is the LG D820 the Nexus 5???

    I think you will be surprised and find that the pure Google experience found in Nexus devices will make that 2300 battery feel a lot bigger than it appears, as it will not have bloat and skins bogging it down.  Software, in many cases, outweighs hardware. 

    Well except for the galaxy nexus, that had horrible battery life even with using an extended battery.

  6. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 for Sprint

    Why did they release a new model if the old one is practically the same? Lol

    Yeah, I don't get samsung at all.  All their tablets seem to be about the same from year to year and they still want to charge you a ridiculous price.  Its the reason why I still use my original tab10.1, which I almost sold to get a nexus 10.  Anyway, I think the next great phablet(note 3 or one max) will fit my smartphone and tablet needs.



    Oh and thanks for the article Josh.

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  7. (UPDATED) All for HTC One, HTC One for all?

    Oh, I agree. This confirmation does not preclude other high end HTC Android handsets. It does not even rule out another Sprint EVO handset, though I still think that highly unlikely. And, presumably, VZW will get some sort of replacement for its HTC Droid DNA before the year is up.But some have thought the HTC One naming scheme a bit of a joke because of all the fragmentation last year. Obviously, HTC has taken that to heart, and this news today indicates that the HTC One we see now will be the "one" and only this year.AJ


    Oh I know, wasn't trying to imply anything towards you specifically, its just that htc use to be the king of the smartphone world and its so sad to see them fall from greatness. For a company that makes such amazing hardware they have found so many creative ways to shoot themselves in the foot lately, its almost as if they are trying to fail(if that even makes any sense). I really hope that the htc one flies off the shelves and I really hope htc stays on top of keeping their devices supported.

  8. (UPDATED) All for HTC One, HTC One for all?

    Reports are out today confirming that the HTC One will be HTC's only smartphone under the "One" moniker this year. So, unlike last year's varied lineup, that rationalizes the singular HTC One name.AJ


    That still doesn't mean that they won't come out with several other flagship devices throughout the year, all they are saying is that they simply won't use the one name. I hope they come out with a direct competitor to the galaxy note series.

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