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Evidently I am a 13-Year Old Hacker whose Dad works for Sprint, now...


Nothing like a good deep belly laugh at 1 AM to rejuvenate ya!


I came across an article today in IT World (yeah, I never heard of it either) where the writer says of our site, "S4gru, a blog seemingly designed by a 13-year-old hacker whose dad works in dealmaking for Sprint."


I thought it was funny. I think most of you will get a kick out of it. I took it as a compliment, at least he is saying we are credible. Just immature. And perhaps that's true! We are immature on the tech scene, and maybe even a tad irreverent.


I'm 36 and going on 13!




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As usual, the media just gets it wrong. a 1 ends up being a 13 etc etc, and oh... wait... whats this...



Investigating Reports has just uncovered that s4gru is not a blog run by a 13 year old hacker whose dad works in dealmaking with the Sprint corporation but rather a 13 month super human baby. They have uncovered behind the scenes images of the workplace.


The 13 month old at work



and his writing staff




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There are two things that will most likely increase hits on your website, either really valuable information or real ridiculous information. I wonder how many additional hits his site got just for making that ridiculous statement about Robert?

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