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  1. Shahal > I couldn't agree with you more. As a retired computer tech, I'd love to have a rooted EVO LTE running the CM10 rom. Only trouble is I don't know enough about phone tech to feel comfortable rooting it, and don't know anyone competent enough to do it for me. It's my only phone, and I can't afford to end up bricking my warranty. Heavy Sigh...
  2. That's indeed the drill for a hard reset.. hoping to avoid it but looks like the only way! As a computer tech I always advised clients to do a Clean Install of Windows @ every six months. Normally cured all ills. Does the Titanium backup/restore work on non rooted phones. Thought it was just for rooted. I experienced the screen going dark as well, but a profile uupdate and a restart cured that. Thanks for the advice everyone!
  3. Thanks for clearing up the Hard Reset definition question. What I thought - wipe the slate and reload everything. May come to that. Can't figure why the update "broke" WIFI in the first place. But I'm not as knowledgeable with phones as computers. Also, you're 100% right on about Juice Defender. Should have been more clear - the way I use it is simple. Most basic control and that's it. Sorry!
  4. Please define hard reset for me MM.. Do you mean the old style back to scratch where everything must be reloaded, or what Sprint now calls a Hard Reset? Help me understand you, please!
  5. You must get better battery life than I do Sarge! Wish I could say different. Juice Defender is a simple little app. Not one of those Swiss Army app management jobs. To each his own, eh?
  6. I'm confused here. Is there an LTE only setting on the phone I'm missing? All I see is LTE/CDMA or CDMA only. Do you have to pull a third party app from the App Store to force the radio into quick strong LTE mode? What gives, guys?
  7. Not a happy prospect.. Hope Sprint tech support has a solution, but not holding my breath. As a longtime propellerhead I despise calling any tech support. Going through the process is so annoying. Just let me speak with the highest tier guy there, and forget slogging through all the stupid Tier 1 support nonsense.
  8. My update experience to ICS went off with no problems at all. Can't say the same for Jelly Bean. Besides breaking my WIFI, icons have disappeared, and I find Jelly Bean more confusing and less straight forward than ICS. Guess I'll be on the phone with Sprint tech support today trying to sort it out. Not a happy prospect. Hopefully better than a reset and reload. Very frustrating after waiting this long.
  9. I use a little battery saver app called Juice Defender. JD works as well as another app I used for a long time but requires fewer permissions. Have tried quite a few keyboard apps, and finally settled on SwiftKey3, and love it!
  10. Just got Jelly Bean this morning. It broke my WIFI network. Settings say I'm connected, but all I get is voice mail - NO DATA! Anyone else having problems? Ideas or suggestions?
  11. Guess I better tend to my honeydo list before I'm on the couch.. Later!
  12. Zero distortion on better hardware and 5.0. Product cycles moving so fast now, our phones are yesterday before they're 6 months old
  13. When Microsoft has an update for Windows (not new version) it's there for all to update regardless of the brand of your computer.. As to LTE, we don't even have that yet! First to get WIMAX last gen, but no LTE in my area yet..
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