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  1. thanks ryan, im going to tough it out! my roommate updated his PRL and is getting .8! so that helped alot. Sprint here i come thanks again. thats great. more than enough to do my work tasks, and most importantly spotify lolol thanks for the help! i cant wait to have TRUE unlimited LTE.
  2. What 3g speeds do you guys average?! please I am a long time AT&t customer, looking to switch to sprint when i preorder the iphone 5 tonight. I tried sprint on the iphone 4s last year, my speeds were on average .2 mbps - .3 mbps. I couldnt use siri, send pics, spotify, etc. I know LTE is on its way in the next couple of months (*crosses fingers) and i would looooove to have true unlimited LTE.. i just worry service will be spotty in my area/lte will take longer than expected to deploy. In the mean time i would be stuck with the 3g.. so i'm considering going with verizon. Thanks a lot *edit* really not just austin tx, anyone can post!
  3. once again, thank you. you are the man. there is a tower a block from my office and one about two blocks from my apartment. wahoo. I guess ill go drive by them and see if they look like the towers you posted off mopec.
  4. looks like i have the sponsor now. yay. can you direct me to the map for towers on the network vision upgrade? yeah right now i am on "unlimited" ATT my phone is throttled at 3gb, then i have .30 kb/s which sucks.. but will at least let me stream spotify. I wish there was some way of knowing if ill have LTE at my office/house now before i decide to go with sprint or verizon LTE on the ip5. hmm thanks again for all the help *edit* found it. is there not an interactive map that shows towers that are scheduled to be
  5. thanks for the info, i just donated! about how long does it take before i am upgraded? so i can look at the towers. I really hope austins LTE starts sooner than November. what do your data speeds run at currently in austin? what part are you in?
  6. damn has that gotten any better? i plan on trying sprint out again, in hopes of LTE being available in the next couple of months. Im in south austin and my roomate is getting 300kbps at best.
  7. sweet i live a mile from that, by the chuckie cheese. i might go drive by to see if it looks like the tower that the posted in the article that is LTE . there is also one off south cong and beenwhite. north of benwhite.
  8. thank you sooo much guys. i was debating to get the ip5 with sprint or not. This confirms it. I tried the ip4s with sprint but the 3g was toooo slow. cant wait for unlimted data at a good speed. Bye bye ATT after so many years
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