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  1. Just curious, are you folks ordering the unlocked version or the Sprint version? What are the pros and cons these days of the unlocked version vs. the Sprint version?
  2. For those of you with the unlocked Note 10 / 10+, what do you do for voicemail? I saw on Reddit that some folks are saying that the Sprint voicemail app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. I tested this theory with my current phone (Sprint branded S7) and the Sprint voicemail app does not show up in the Play Store for me (despite being preinstalled and in use on my phone).
  3. How's the speed of the fingerprint scanner? Also, how's the battery life?
  4. It turns out that my GS7 connects to the A4 no problem along with an iPhone 6, but there is another iPhone 6 in the family that does not connect to the A4 consistently. The 1st iPhone 6 was initially having problems, but perhaps updating the carrier settings helped (it says "Sprint 36.1")? The 2nd iPhone 6 also says "Sprint 36.1" on the "carrier settings". First of, is 36.1 in fact the latest? Not sure why one iPhone 6 connects consistently and the other doesn't?
  5. Thank you! After my initial experience when the A4 was first set up and my phone did not stay consistently connected to it, I went back to their residence about 5 hours later (and I also updated the profile & PRL on my phone) and my phone latched on and stayed connected to the A4 for the entire time I was there (about 2 hours). During my initial experience 5 hours earlier, I made a Sprint to Sprint test call on the A4 and HD Voice was not working (HD Voice does work in their area on the macro network). I forgot to make a test call during the time I was there 5 hours later. Does the A4 support HD Voice for Sprint to Sprint calls?
  6. So my family members receive their A4 and I set it up this morning. A few notes and observations: -The reason they ordered the A4 is because in some areas of their residence, they get 2 bars and in other areas, they get no service. -After about 45 minutes, all 6 lights were on solid green. During the boot up process, the GPS light was flashing red for a very long time and I was a bit worried that that part would fail, but it all worked out in the end. -The A4 is located in a room that gets 2 bars from the macro site, but it happens to be where internet router is located. -After the set up was complete, my phone stayed connected to the macro site, even after several airplane mode toggles and restarts to my phone, My phone only connected to the A4 after I moved to an area of the residence that gets no service from the macro site. So, right now, when I walk around the residence, my phone switches back and forth between the macro site and the A4 (at least not while on a call). Has anyone else experienced this? Shouldn't the phone connect to the A4 when it is right in front of it? Will connection to the A4 while in the residence improve over time? -Also, even though all lights including the LTE light are solid green, I wasn't able to get working LTE on my phone. I thought a solid green light means that it is good to go? Could it be that even thought it is solid green, something is blocking data from flowing? Could this work itself out over time? Thanks for any insight!
  7. As I mentioned a few posts back, the A4 is not for me, but I am helping family members in another location in getting an A4. Could someone let me know approximately how long the wire is for the supplied GPS antenna? Also, just to chime in on ordering experience, I was told by the head of the household that Sprint told him it was ordered and he then got an email saying that it was being sent to his former house (where they haven't lived for 6 years!). It's in route right now and Sprint said they will have UPS re-direct it to the correct address. I can't believe the original Sprint rep who took the order didn't confirm the shipping address.
  8. Thank you for the replies! The router is: D-Link DIR-868L with Optimum branding. The router settings are accessed via the Optimum portal and no settings have ever been changed. I presume that Optimum may block access to some settings. Also, the modem is Arris TM1602, also with Optimum branding. I didn't realized that the A4 also provides WiFi. As a side note, I seem to vaguely remember when the original Airave first came out (years ago!), I read that they instructed the user to plug it directly into a modem and not into a router?
  9. Hi all, I am looking into the Airave 4 for family members of mine at another location and they have an ISP (Optimum) provided router. The set up seems to be pretty much "plug-n-play", but I noticed that the QS guide says "if on network, open UDP ports 53, 67, 500 & 4500 bi-directionally". Has anyone had to actually change any settings on their router to "open UDP ports"?
  10. Hi, wondering if by chance anyone has any information on the CDMA add-on module for the MB Gold that was first discussed in September 2018 (I believe)? I don't need it for my situation, but I know others who would benefit from it.
  11. Hi All, After updating to Oreo months ago, battery life has really taken a hit for me (pre-Oreo, I'd be at 45% battery life at 9pm, w/Oreo, I'm at 5% at 9pm). I actually went ahead and replaced my battery yesterday (at a UBreakIFix store). Battery life is still horrendous with the replacement battery. In doing a search, I only found tons of similar complaints and non-solutions (despite Samsung labeling them as "solved"): https://us.community.samsung.com/t5/forums/v3_1/forumtopicpage/board-id/GalaxyS/thread-id/27453/page/21 https://us.community.samsung.com/t5/forums/v3_1/forumtopicpage/board-id/GalaxyS/thread-id/10878/page/29 http://www.tomsguide.com/forum/id-3729488/edge-android-system-battery-drain.html I have tried everything (such as force stopping the "Gear VR Services" app, wiping the cache, etc.) short of hard resetting the device or downgrading to Nougat. Does anyone have any real solutions that work to address the alleged Oreo battery drain? Also, has anyone tried downgrading to Nougat to address it?: https://forums.androidcentral.com/samsung-galaxy-s8-and-s8-plus/878062-how-downgrade-oreo-nougat.html Any help would be much appreciated!
  12. I have confirmed that my magic box has received the latest update. However, interestingly, WiFi does not show up in the menu (not that it matters, since everyone is saying it shows as disabled).
  13. Thank you all for the info! Another thing to point out...the experience I shared was of my 2nd MB (which is a replacement for my 1st MB, which worked fine except the box itself made an annoying high pitched whining noise). When I used my 1st MB, SC lite would not even report the band, it would just say "LTE".
  14. Hi, was wondering if anyone can explain this to me. My MB is broadcasting B41 (and my understanding is that it only broadcasts B41, although it can receive B41 or B25 from the donor site), yet my phone is reporting that it is on B25. How could that be?
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