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CBRS PAL auction rules are set


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7 10MHz TDD licenses are available per county license area for PAL (Priority Access License) holders. You may win up to 4 of the licenses per county. There is also incumbent license holders such as DOD coastal radars and fixed satellite providers which have the highest priority. PAL licensees must yield to the incumbents and GAA (General Authorized Access must yield to the incumbents and PAL licensees.

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3 hours ago, S4GRU said:

I went looking for a little more detail on the 3.5 GHz licenses.  Here is a link for those interested: https://www.fcc.gov/wireless/bureau-divisions/mobility-division/35-ghz-band/35-ghz-band-overview


Thanks Robert. I expect that the cable cos will be all over this spectrum auction  while I think that the Big Two will be more active in the C-Band auction because more spectrum (up to 280MHz will be available). I don't know what T-Mobile is going to do. Probably sit out the CBRS auction and bid on the C-Band. For the cable cos if they get some CBRS spectrum it will be a good way to reduce their MVNO payments to Verizon. If they want to be serious about wireless they have to also bid in the C-Band auction. Both of the bands are great fits for strand and pole mount small cells. I wonder if they are forward looking enough to offer spectrum hosting for all other winners. No sense in somebody else expending so much money to develop the infrastructure that the cable cos already have in place. 

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T-Mobile also needs to reserve money for the upcoming unused 2.5GHz spectrum auction.  The duo would likely continue their shill practices and buy up key parts like AT&T did in San Francisco.

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