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T-Mobile rebrands One plans to Magenta, offers new Discount Match Program to lure switchers

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That switching program looks decent. I'm going to have to look into that.

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So Im on Freedom unlimited.  It is $65/line1 and $45/line2 = $110.  $10 off for autopay.  $10off for corporate discount.  I pay $90+tax. I get 50GB Hotspot, and 8Mbps video steaming speeds.  


So I'd get Magenta Plus which would put me at $140/mo for two lines (includes autopay).  The maximum discount I'd get is $30.  Puts me at $110/mo flat.  So I'd save $7/mo due to the $17/mo I pay Sprint in taxes.  My line is paid off and then the S10 on lease still has $787.49 on it.  Will I get to do a clean trade to a TMobile S10?  Don't want to owe anything to Sprint on the phone. 

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    • You obviously didn't see my second screen shot. Also M-MIMO has been great with cell edge performance especially on uploads.
    • But he posted a second screenshot that showed that his upload speeds were consistently around 20Mbps no matter the time of day while his download speeds fluctuated a lot more.
    • Like I said, anecdotal. All of those speeds tests where done in the span of 10 minutes past midnight, in (which is safe to assume) the same location and with extremely great signal strength/LOS. The problem with upload speeds in the 2.5 Ghz band is that the UL speeds dramatically fall off whenever you move away from the tower. Good speeds are possible, but on a few select areas near towers.
    • If your talking the Adjust LT timing Advance, no it's not on. I will give you some samples over the next few days.
    • Do you have the TA correction option enabled under Preferences? What I really need to do is get a decent sample size of B41 TA reports without the correction factor enabled, and record what the app shows and what the correct distance is. That would allow me to calculate what the proper correction value would be. TA is a funny beast on TD-LTE, I have always had a correction factor applied to the raw value.. so with the option enabled it's applying a correction to the correction.. 🤯
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