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Cancelling Apple Watch Data Plan

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I can cancel my Apple Watch Data Plan from my iPhone but does that remove it from my account?

Do I need to call Sprint to actually have it removed from my Account.

Generic Apple documents says one may need to contact the carrier but nothing Sprint specific.


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I believe you need to contact Sprint as well. I had to do this when I sold my cellular Apple Watch. 

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As the OP I though I'd update this based on my first had experience.
I removed the Cellular Watch Plan via the iPhone ->Watch->My Watch->Cellular->(i)->Remove Sprint Plan.
When I checked MySprint the plan was gone. Just for grins I opened a chat to verify if in fact anything else
needed to be done to remove the plan from my account and was assured the plan was gone.
This is nice.
Subsequently I came up with a reason to use cellular on the watch again and was able to re-add it from
the same iPhone app. I was assigned a different billing number for the watch but that's not used for anything
I would be interested in.
So going forward I deduce it's possible to add and delete the Apple Watch cellular plan as needed and only pay for the
days the plan is active it seems. This is all done without requiring Sprint's involvement.


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