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Sprint coverage map updated 4/14


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Had to strongly nudge them.  Privately gave Sprint a detailed list of 100 missing LTE sites (mostly GMO) with location and GCI on a map (only an image of a heatmap was published for the general public) for Western PA, Pittsburgh, Columbus, and Toledo.  Seemed to include all of them except Columbus (possibly out of spite).  Gunther has pinned his hopes on a new coverage map system yet to be seen. Other Sprint guys told me I was wasting my time. I did not event attempt b41 corrections for that reason (and to attempt keep focus on LTE), except one case of overstating and another of missing b41 (neither corrected).  My hope was they could maybe get LTE right over large areas.  Details except private message here:






:sunny: The best way to look at this is we may have made some difference and S4Gru is still needed to at least know what coverage is available from given sites (assuming local confirmations).

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Williamsport in Western PA market and US-22 to i-99 up to I-80 then i-80 east are very accurate from my signal detector logs. But I have a feeling old ntelos area is over estimated unless something has changed since I have been to a few places It maybe a guess based on Shentels maps though. I am keeping my fingers crossed it is accurate but not holding my breath. Ithaca NY is over estimated to the east on 79 by a few miles maybe 2 miles but the west seems correct to I-99.


I trying to see how big a signal detector log can be I am at 28 MB and 82000 right now.  

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