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3GPP approves LTE band 70 for Dish Spectrum


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Band 70 comprises Dish's current AWS-4 spectrum (2000 MHz to 2020 MHz), its H Block downlink spectrum (1995 MHz to 2000 MHz), and unpaired AWS-3 uplink spectrum (1695 MHz to 1710 MHz). The 3GPP agreed to the specifications three weeks ago; formal approval will enable the development of devices and infrastructure supporting Band 70.




I know that I am asking you to speculate, but what do you think of the possibility that Dish invests in Sprint or T-Mobile in return for getting their spectrum hosted? Is Dish just a spectrum speculator or are they interested in being a wireless operator?

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And as I have said, I look for 5/10/15 MHz FDD carrier bandwidths standardized, perhaps only in the 1695-1710 MHz x 1995-2010 MHz pairing.  The other 10 MHz, possibly limited to 2010-2020 MHz will be for supplemental downlink carrier aggregation.


Also, note that the PCS H block uplink at 1915-1920 MHz gets orphaned.  But that is just as well.  It may have been getting too close for comfort to the PCS A block downlink at 1930-1945 MHz.  And Sprint owns a lot of PCS A block spectrum.



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So is Dish getting B70 to make the spectrum more valuable, or to actually deploy it? From what I've read, they've done nothing in terms of actually utilizing the spectrum for broadband or fixed wireless.

Only thing Dish has done was the fixed wireless trials with Ntelos and Sprint but that was Sprint's and Ntelos's own spectrum.

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