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Wifi calling but no wifi SMS

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Question out of curiously - why hasn't sprint implemented SMS over wifi, only calling over wifi. As I understand it, they already have IMSs set up for SMS over LTE, so why can't those be used while on wifi?


It works on non-iPhone devices, for some reason it's not working on iPhones yet.

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Sprint does have the advanced LTE core and the ePDG to implement this. Just on Apple to turn it on.


AT&T (I know for sure) and T-Mobile (I'm pretty sure) already have this...I don't think its apple were waiting on...

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Yea I don't understand and it's super annoying. Two of the places I spend most of my time have no service and I rly wish I could send SMS. Does sprint even know about this issue?


Sprint knows about it. On their wifi calling FAQ it says that sms is not supported over wifi on iOS, but it does mention that it is expected to be supported in the future. Hopefully the future will be sooner than later. 

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