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  1. Can’t get 2.4 to connect. Asks to reboot around 83%
  2. It does when a magic box can only scan for a limited number of SSIDs
  3. Using a router supplied by Frontier. WEP I think. Às I’m in an apartment complex I’m assuming that’s why I can’t scan for 5ghz
  4. So, any insight in “Project Sprint Dark Fiber”? https://www.ct.gov/csc/lib/csc/ems/hamden/wintergreenave/sprint/em-sprint-062-191009_responseandacknowledgement_wintergreenave.pdf
  5. WiFi backhaul Gen 3 Magic box isn’t functional yet..... type in the password and it can’t connect to sprint. Might get to 73% before rebooting.
  6. So wireless backhaul is working now? My MB sees the SSIDs but fails to connect.
  7. My magic box gets up to 82% for step one for Wi-Fi backhaul and says it has to restart
  8. Are you able to get your magic box to connect using Wi-Fi backhaul? I have tried several times with no luck.
  9. Doubtful as the merger is likely to go through.
  10. When will Wi-Fi backhaul be enabled for the magic box? Mine is not connecting.
  11. My unit does not have an ethernet port. VoLTE has worked for quite sometime.
  12. WiFi backhaul use for the Magicbox is live
  13. Hartford is getting some mMimo loving https://www.ct.gov/csc/lib/csc/ems/hartford/meadowst/sprint/em-sprint-064-190705_filing_meadowst.pdf
  14. Still spotty. More band 41, and roaming via T-mobile is definitely helping with the gaps in coverage.
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