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  1. banananuts87

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    My gen 2 Magic Box has been stuck on “connecting to network” for a few days. Safe to say its dead?
  2. What town where you roaming in CT? I'd kill for roaming in Manchester, Hartford and Meriden.
  3. So my question is, is this CA on band 25 or am I simply seeing another carrier?
  4. So I did a field test and I’m connected to this, yet the following screen shot shows....
  5. I was at Hill Farmstead this Saturday (Greensboro Bend, VT) and my iPhone 7 was roaming in bands 2, 5 & 30. iPhone noted “Extended Network LTE” but I had zero bars of service for voice. Seems data only. Is this typical? thought V-tec and USCC were also roaming partners here. Service left much to be desired to say the least. Blew through the roaming bucket in an hour.
  6. The tower is down and was previously band 41 only. I’ll get a better shot tomorrow.
  7. Here a pic of the former Clear only site at 60 Hanover St. Meriden. The area I circled shows the new panels they’ve installed since 7/23/18. Any idea? https://ibb.co/cpA6Jo
  8. Anyone have info on the tower at 60 Hanover St. in Meriden? Can’t find any permit info but it after service outages yesterday afternoon, I briefly saw 5 bars of 10x10 b25 (8290) this was an old clear only tower.
  9. banananuts87

    Network Vision/LTE - Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands Market

    Did they not inherit band 25 from Open Mobile as well?
  10. 8T8R is coming to Meriden! The site on Paddock Ave. is going tri-band!!!!! if only Sprint did the same for the site in 55 Michael drive in Meriden. It’ll fill a huge hole.
  11. http://www.ct.gov/csc/cwp/view.asp?a=949&Q=247862
  12. I have an iPhone. Using the field test and the numbers are the same. Full bars as usual. The clear tower is a block away from my job.
  13. Still says 2 carriers like before.
  14. Upgraded backhaul in Downtown Meriden (West Main St). Was maxing out at 40Mbps a few days ago on 2 channels. Now 140+!