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Select Spectrum EBS Auction

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I didn't see any other threads relating to EBS auctions, so I think I'm in the clear.


There's going to be ~500 EBS licenses up for auction soon.






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Just to make matters clear, this is not a scheduled FCC spectrum auction.  This is a private auction.



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Would Sprint be interested in any of these?

No clue. Maybe they're even the source of some of them? Pure speculation here.

Just to make matters clear, this is not a scheduled FCC spectrum auction. This is a private auction.





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Would Sprint be interested in any of these?

Presumably yes. They just bought out the other BRS license holder in Lincoln of all places. I'd imagine they approach this auction and look at licenses on an individual basis to see if any of them make sense for Sprint.

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Again, no compensation of any kind goes to me, just spreading the information about what's going on.

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      Samsung TDD-LTE gear which are being utilized in Clearwire priority sites. .   Clearwire - Samsung TDD-LTE RRH SLS-BD106Q & Antennas           Samsung TD-LTE RRUs mounted behind BRS/EBS Antenna     Sprint 2500-2600 mhz TD-LTE Setup Note the Antennas are much thicker and fatter than the antennas being utilized by Sprint Network Vision.  

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      Found an article on FierceWireless speculating that Sprint may not jump into the AWS auction...Thoughts?
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      Special Case "Tri-Band Antenna" Setup Deployed for engineering reasons these sites do not deploy a dedicated 8T8R antenna for 2.5 but instead opts for a three frequency antenna that supports 800 MHz + 1900 MHz and 2500 MHz. Due to size constraints for the antennas they limit the 8T8R RRUs to 4T4R (4 Jumpers from radios to antennas)  with the subsequent decrease of maximum capacity (60 MHz vs 120 MHz of 8T8R).   
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    • I don't think it's T-Mobile trying to pull the wool over people's eyes with this announcement. However, I do think that this announcement shows us that carriers have inconsistent definitions for what a customer or connection is. AT&T counts a connection as virtually anything with a SIM card in it (this includes things like branded AT&T customers, Cricket Wireless, OnStar, IoT devices, and other resellers) while T-Mobile is only counting prepaid and postpaid customers from the brands that they own specifically (T-Mobile, Sprint, MetroPCS). That said, all of this seems like semantics because even if you go by AT&T's definition of connections T-Mobile is only 1.3 million "connections" behind AT&T which means that if both AT&T and T-Mobile continue at their current pace, in roughly 3 to 6 months they'll likely surpass AT&T.
    • So much of it is smoke and mirrors and bragging.    When you deep dive the numbers, things don't jive.
    • The thing with "connections" is, if your network is historically wider-ranging coverage wise, you'll get more IoT customers, paying you a few dollars per line per month on average. Those customers are rather cheap to service from a network load perspective, but they're also low-revenue. So there's at least some method to the madness of cherry-picking that particular number.   They've definitely shut some sites down, per Reddit posts. If you have a dense network for capacity reasons and you've migrated enough customers over to TMo in that area, might as well drop the site before the lease needs to be renewed. TMo has definitely dropped B41 in some areas, either entirely or by dropping one of the carriers. We were 3CA here and are now 2CA everywhere I've tested except UT campus, where they have a third carrier at 10 MHz With all that said, for the sites that remain, I expect non-contiguous B25 not to get touched until TMo can move >= 10 MHz at once. In areas where TMo has less on its block than Sprint's they could do that by swapping the entire block. e.g. if TMo has 10 MHz and Sprint has 15, reband the 15 MHz over to T-Mobile. But that'll come pretty late in the game, as it would mean dropping Sprint to one or two 5x5 LTE carriers in the entire band, vs. the typical current config of 10x10 + 5x5. Through all this, B26 will be the absolute last thing touched. I fully expect Sprint will end up as a single 1xA channel on SMR + B26 LTE + PCS-G LTE (nothing in PCS A-F, nothing in B41) before the network finally gets turned off.
    • Like I suspected, TMobile definitely does not have nearly as many "connections" as ATT.  As all companies do, they are cherry picking certain data and presenting the numbers in a way that paints a rosier (more magenta??) picture than reality might otherwise suggest.  Do they have more postpaid customers? Apparently but barely. But ATT has far more customers and connected devices when using the term "connections" and that is a much clearer picture of the actual situation.  I'm all for TMobile but don't misunderstand the data.   https://www.theverge.com/2020/8/6/21357737/t-mobile-att-bigger-number-2-wireless-carrier-earnings
    • Not true, they're mistaken. It works on previous versions as well, along with non LTE backhaul. I have it on working on a 545 (LTE backhaul since that's all it supports) and a MB Gold with Ethernet backhaul. A senior / high level tech confirmed a few months ago that it's supported and working on wired and wireless backhaul in addition to LTE backhaul. It also works on Airave 4s and Pebbles, which use wired backhaul. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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