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How can I get into the Mobile Broadband Industry?


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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

As the title states, I'm curious how I could get into the field of Mobile Broadband.

I'm currently studying iIT (Integrated Information Technology) at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. Expected graduation is Dec. 2016.

Simply it's a BS Degree in IT with additional focuses on Business and Management. IT topics range from DBA, sysAdmin, Networking, Software and Web design, Networking, IT Security, Computer Hardware and Software support and Telecommunications.

For more information on the degree: https://sc.edu/study/colleges_schools/hrsm/study/areasofstudy/iit/


At USC, I'm working as an IT Student Technician. It's a help desk job that is pretty wide ranging from Printers, to Networking (LAN and Wireless), to Software and Hardware Support.



Part of my degree requirements is to complete an Internship in the field.

I'm interested in Mobile Broadband and was wondering if anyone here had advice or contacts in the industry.

As far as Telecoms I would consider working for, Sprint or T-Mobile ideally. I'd work for Verizon but I'm not a fan of their views towards Net Neutrality and general approach towards "Network Management" (AKA Excessive Throttling).

I'd love to work with companies responsible for the deployment of hardware as well. Whether on the manufacture end of things (Alcatel-Lucent or Samsung) or on the physical deployment ends of things.

Ideally, I'm looking towards the Atlanta or Charlotte areas as I have family there who would allow me to live with them during the internship in order to reduce my costs.

If you have contacts in the field, PM me their contact information, or I can provide a resume in about a week or so. (I'm working on getting it updated with the topics I covered this semester as well as technologies I've used at work)

Even if you don't have contacts, company names would be great as well. I can find information on the Telecoms and Manufacturers, but it's a little harder to dig up information on the deployment side of the coin.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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As Deval stated, LinkedIn is a good place. Social Media in general now is a great way to look for jobs and network with people. That is the biggest thing is networking. Also, make as many friends in school as you can, both students and professors. I got into the industry by a recommendation from one of my dad's friends. Good luck

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Also, be careful what you post on your Facebook page as well. If your privacy settings are open, any recruiter will view your Facebook page to see the person behind the LinkedIn page.

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