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  1. Went down the VoEnabler rabbit hole and found that the module is no longer available in the Magisk Official Repo and therefore not available in the Magisk app. So, found the original git, downloaded and repacked it and manually installed it and it seems to be working on Android 9 with eSIM. Here's a link to the repacked module. Copy do device. and manually install from the Magisk App, reboot. Not responsible for any damaged, errors, etc. by using this on your device. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Aai3avK96zqmwBoNTYGs5OhLnyMxKGn1/view?usp=sharing
  2. The GOAT. https://t.co/GIX9zIorHv

  3. @jack_singer70 How about this throwback? https://t.co/5UbnHBDewF

  4. ?? https://t.co/s3blfOOtr3

  5. @sassysmart @netflix @billmooneyhan @billmooneyhan You ever follow up? Sounds like the dream. ???

  6. RT @JeopardySports: “What is: the University of Michigan?” #JeopardySports #OutbackBowl https://t.co/wACcFe35wN

  7. @jack_singer70 How much were the tickets?

  8. #HateWeek https://t.co/URnHghqFOv

  9. RT @FauxGronkowski: https://t.co/FMtUBpHgIY

  10. @jack_singer70 I'll jump on the upset train if you do. Hahaha

  11. RT @jessesingal: I'm pro-#MeToo but this is a fair counterargument The Problem with #MeToo and Viral Outrage | Backchannel https://t.co/2w…

  12. @whardee12 @ItsGirICodes Cuzzz!

  13. And then I remember stupid people vote and vote often.

  14. RT @EFFLive: Now, the Senate is taking up the final vote on CISA.

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