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iPhone 6 upload speed issues - advice?


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Hey guys, 


Having an issue with my iPhone 6 Plus upload speeds on band 25. To put it quite simply, they never seem to go much over 1 Mbps, even with great signal (around -80 dBm or better).


I was told by Sprint support chat that this was a known issue (by Sprint and Apple) and a fix would come eventually, but I don't know if this is something I should trust and wanted to see what you guys would do in this situation or if anyone can confirm the bug.


The highest upload speed on the 6 i have seen is 1.52 Mbps (and that was only once - 90 percent of tests, even in middle of night, are between .9 and 1.1mbps), while my 5 always averaged 6-7 Mbps upload speed (and still does). I have the latest PRL, latest iOS software, and Sprint has made sure my account and SIM are fine. I'm in San Diego and we have band 25 LTE only. 


To illustrate, here the field test screens and speed tests on my 5 and then my 6 Plus, respectively, both from same location and under same conditions. Both tests are using the same SIM card as well. (Sorry about the TV noise in the background!) 


Made a new thread because I didn't want to take up too much room on the iPhone general 6/6 Plus thread, if it should be there, please move it :)!



iPhone 5: 





Speed test (YouTube): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JppNCbLMNlg&list=UUB9Kl-KKVAmk-DqGtA2Vm0g


iPhone 6 Plus: 




Speed test (YouTube): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U9irqPY028&list=UUB9Kl-KKVAmk-DqGtA2Vm0g


Would love any thoughts on this. Thanks all! 

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Make sure your testing with same speed test server.. Noticed your iPhone 6 test is off an Los Angeles server.

Good point, that's a factor I totally forgot to control for, didn't even think of that. 


Unfortunately the results are still the same - getting about 17 or 18 down (which is just fine)  and a max of about 1.1-1.2 Mbps up right now, at 11:50 PM. Same serving cell, signal currently -82 dBm. 




And I guess I want to add, so everyone knows, I don't bring this up because 1 Mbps isn't good enough (it's fine for what I need my phone for.) Just curious as to what could be causing this, and know it won't get worse in the future.. 

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It varies a lot. I have the iPhone 6 and I am also in the San Diego Market. I am in Oceanside about 1 block from a 4g Accepted tower.



11.02 Mbps down and 1.48 Mbps up - 85 ms latency with server in L.A.



12.53 Mbps down and 1.55 Mbps up - 228 ms latency 



15.22 Mbps down and 1.27 mbps up - 75 ms latency with server in S.D.



11 Mbps down and .9 Mbps up


I think this is a San Diego issue. With Qualcomm here and Broadcomm in Irvine you would think we would have the best networks in the world.

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Well, just a small update. I sent a detailed explanation of the issue (including all my efforts to fix it, my discussion with Sprint chat, and a link to this thread, etc) to Spint Social care and I revieced a call back today.


They recommended that I return the phone, either to Apple or to Sprint. I think I may have to end up doing that, and using my iPhone 5 in the interim.


I should still be able to get my upgrade and everything back since I'm within the 14 days until this is sorted out. I'll call Sprint tomorrow and try to escalate it to someone who legitimately knows what they are talking about on a technical level.


Thanks for the comments everyone, and please continue to chime in it you have any additional info or experiences. The more information, the better.



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