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Scheduled Weekly/Bi-Weekly Lounge Chat - Interest Poll [Ends 7/4/2014]

Lounge Chat - Scheduled QnA Sessions  

50 members have voted

  1. 1. Are you interested in holding scheduled Staff Chats/Topic Chats in the Lounge?

  2. 2. What times would be best to hold the chat? (These are not actual time periods for the chat, just suggested time frames to schedule a chat)

    • 9AM - 12 PM EST
    • 12PM - 6PM EST
    • 6PM - 9PM EST
    • 9PM - 12AM EST
    • Whenever
  3. 3. What day of the week would be best to hold the chats?

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Staff/Topic Chat Poll!


Please fill out this poll to express your interest in holding a scheduled topic chat. I have been kicking around the idea with the staff of having a Staff QnA, Topic Chats, etc. We are looking for time frames that would be best suited for everyone so please put your votes in!


Thanks all!!




P.S....If you have any suggestions, please post them below! Thank You!!


You must view the poll on the website. This is not visible in Tapatalk. Thanks!!

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There are probably many of you who are still active that remember Roberts chat sessions from when S4GRU was still in its infancy. Those sessions were some of my favorite times at S4GRU!  Great info and a LOT of fun!! In the early days, there were only a few people that would "show up." Then, it got so popular that IPBoard couldn't handle all those who desired to attend in one chat room/lounge.  As I've posted in another thread, these were some of my best S4GRU memories.  I'd love to see another similar scheduled "meeting" where insiders/staff post the latest Sprint news/updates that can be made semi-public and discussed.  :tu:

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We will require an individual to record and post the chat transcripts for those that cannot make it.

I can do this as long as there is a schedule posted...not sure how long you wanted this post to run...
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