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Verizon planning to buy Dish?


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That would be interesting but I dont think it would happen. Verizon recently got into bed with the cable companies. I dont think they would try to compete with cable at this point.

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That would be interesting but I dont think it would happen. Verizon recently got into bed with the cable companies. I dont think they would try to compete with cable at this point.

For the spectrum? Dish has plenty and Verizon can buy Dish.

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I dont know how valuable Dishs spectrum is in practical terms.


The spectrum that Dish has is not in any of the usual bands. Verizon already has spectrum in 4 bands: 700MHz, 850, 1900 and AWS. Dish, absent a deal with Sprint will have spectrum in two bands. Verizon will probably bid in the 600MHz auction and the AWS-2 or 3 auctions. So unless they are willing to get rid of Dish's spectrum, they will possibly end up with 8 bands. Yikes !!!!!

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It's virgin spectrum, its totally unused so whilst it isn't a currently used band and would need new equipment etc it is valuable. It would mean more bands but phones already support 4-6 bands and PA's can now support over 40 bands. Each device wouldn't have to support all the bands, they could spread them out, design phones to support 4 or 6 of the 8 bands and just mix it up. If the 600mhz auction is delayed and they are looking at 5-10 years before it will actually be built out and working, it would seem to be more attractive. Verizon may end up with a lot of spectrum so I hope there are very strict controls over how quickly they buildout and people start to benefit. 

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    • Strange business model that they keep around all these pricing plans. 1000s of plans per carrier is reportedly not uncommon.  Training customer support must be a nightmare. Even MVNOs have legacy plans. A downside of their contract mentality I guess. Best to change contracts during a recession. But then all carriers try to squeeze out legacy plan benefits as they grow old.  
    • Everything "Uncarrier" is becoming "Carrier" again. Because of the Credit Limit that T-Mobile put on our account for no reason at all (and wouldn't change/update the last time I checked all the way up to the CEO), I don't plan on buying/upgrading our iPhones through T-Mobile. I'm going through Apple directly. Looks like I'll be going through Google and Samsung directly for our other lines for upgrades. Also, we're staying on Sprint Max given the ridiculous pricing for Go5G Plus. On Sprint Max, we currently pay for our Plan: $260 for 7 Voice Lines $25 for two Wearable Lines. (One is $10/Month. The other is $15/Month because the AutoPay discount only applies up to 8 lines.) Total: $285/Month vs. Go5G Plus (Per the Broadband Facts "nutrition label" on the T-Mobile Website): https://www.t-mobile.com/commerce/cell-phone-plans $360 - ($5 AutoPay Discount x 7 Voice Lines) = $325 The Watch Plans show as either $12/Month or $15/Month: https://www.t-mobile.com/cell-phone-plans/affordable-data-plans/smartwatches So this is about the same for the wearables as what we're paying now. Overall, it's quite more than we're paying now to switch plans. Ridiculous....
    • Welcome back! That's similar to my best (1250ish). A few people have broken 2000 on good sites. 
    • Lots of new multi-carrier nodes popping up in Bushwick. Crown Castle Fiber node at Ridgewood & Palmetto:   Crown Castle Solutions node at Irving & Jefferson:   Crown Castle Solutions node at Wilson & Noll:  
    • I’m surprised they’re running a 5x5 Band 66 carrier still. In NYC T-Mobile has 25x25 AWS and they’re running 20x20 Band 66 and 5x5 n66 (in testing). Presumably when n66 commercially launches they’ll drop Band 66 down to 15x15 and go straight for a 10x10 n66 carrier like they did with n25. 
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