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First time CDMA phone user, and new forum member :-)


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HI guys.


I should have posted here earlier. But so it goes. Just to say hi. Location: Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, CA.


I have had a natural tendency to gravitate towards GSM based phones (I grew up in Europe/ Sweden), and I was used to the SIM thing and "open phones".  But I always wanted to try CDMA at some point..on my terms.  Plus, I really wont carry a third phone to monkey with. (In the past Ive had two..one on ATT and one on TMO)....I wanted to get an honest grip of their respective cell site spacing, locations, range, possible dataspeeds...you get the idea,..I used the Android app Cellmapper for mapping the heck out of my county. 


Well, finally a friend gave me his old phone...a Sprint HTC Evo 4G (wimax) phone and this month activated it on Ting so... now I get to see for myself. Signal Checker is just too much fun, just to get me going, and an idea on what the Sprint network looks like. (I can mention that in a past life lol! I was a ham radio guy...perhaps explains a bit of my curiosity..in all things RF..)   


Oh, heres a question too: The Evo/ SignalChecker...indicated  "roam" on MetroPCS network. Does that seem right? ..or was that just an anomaly?  SF North Bay area?

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Sprint has reciprocal roaming agreements with almost every other American CDMA carrier, so wherever a CDMA signal can be 'sniffed' out, Sprint phones get service. Metro is fairly inexpensive for Sprint to use for roaming, so the PRL probably lists Metro's network at a higher priority than Verizon's in your area.

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    • Did my drive from PHX to SEA & got to experience the terribleness that is the totem lake area. Impressive, speed test didn't complete either time.
    • Weird that they'd go back to the Edge+. Would think they'd let folks use the S22 just like with Genesis. In other news, St. Louis has 10x10 n71 + n66 SDL live. A bit more info here:  
    • Wonder what other spectrum the auto industry can use, how much of the 5.9GHz was being used, and if 30MHz will be enough 20 or 30 years from now. The auto industry has had it for 20 years sure, but technology can move really slow.  It isn't good.  It isn't ready for real world applications. The hardware is too slow to be able to process enough reliable data. It is too expensive.  Etc. I would argue that we are just getting to the point where features that I would assume could use 5.9GHz are just now hitting mass market as the code is better, hardware is not only significantly faster but also cheaper. The baseline trim models still lack a lot of safety features but the next trim up usually comes with a bunch of goodies I'd assume could make use of 5.9GHz. Just imagine where we were in 2005, 2010, 2015.  Mostly just assumptions without enough knowledge of the spectrum use, so a hint of skepticism. With the what, 1.2GHz that opened up in the 6GHz range, getting 45MHz out of 5.9GHz is very meh.
    • Cool find! Been there since 2018 according to Cellmapper. The only other time I've seen them leave up a temp site like this for a long period of time was when a nearby site is temporarily inoperable like the one in Red Hook Houses. That doesn't seem to be the case here and it's pretty much a GMO site at this point. My best guess is that T-Mobile wanted to put a site there to fill in coverage but because it's on LGA's grounds getting the actual permission to do so is extremely complex so they worked out a deal with the Port Authority to put up a COW in the meantime.  
    • Would this be a T-Mobile COW outside LGA Terminal A? eNB 49106 seems to line up to its position, plus the arm for the trailer to hook onto a truck says T-Mobile. Here is the NYC streetcar view the image was pulled from.     For all the years I have been monitoring the DAS, I have never gotten -55 or better, even after passing by every antenna in a station that is deep enough to have 0 outside macros reaching in. The SNR is still 20+, so its probably designed that way on purpose.
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