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  1. Having the following issue on both my GN4s/ When doing a reboot or a full shutdown/powerup some of the folders I created get emptied. Folders themselves remain but the apps reset back to alpha order. This is only happening on the apps directory NOT in the home screens; those stay put. One was purchased from Best Buy 3 weeks ago the other last week from Sprint directly. Any suggestions?
  2. ROBERTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! Thought I am weeks behind this had me ROTFLMAO!!!!! Oh hey... another acronym....
  3. Either way is not their choice. I would report them both. @
  4. Maximum benefit of $600 per occurance. Even a GS2 or GS3 on Sprint goes for $500 outright. An IPhone 5C is $549 and a 5s is $649. If you decided to go for a GS2/GS3 or the 5c the out of pocket is only the $25 deductible but if you go for the 5s then is $150. Not to mention these are prices from the Sprint site. For all we know the price charged by WF could be higer. Though I will admit they are creative and are making a great attempt to capture a profitable service.
  5. This is by far the best question. I like to think that most of us here at S4GRU are probably more careful and go to great lengths to take care of our investments. On the other hand there are those who drop their phones at least once a week and expect nothing will happen. Or the ones who willingly let their 2 year old child play with the phone. Or the ladies who put the phone in the back pocket then go riding in a motorcycle. This weekend a had a customer who went fishing and as he swung his line the phone flew off his shirt pocket; something that had not happened once in his 10+ years going fishing. Accidents happen. People will forget. Others wont pay attention to your stuff. Not going to disclose the total but in 2012 a major cell phone retailer had over 1 million claims on mobile phones. Just one retailer; wonder what the real total is.
  6. So you are the one to blame....
  7. Best Buy has $150 fee for damage not resulting from accident. So a cracked screen or water damage will result on this been charged. We used to have customers come in 3 or 4 times a year with damage to their phones. This definitely is not a money maker. This also aligned Best Buy with the rest of the market. Of the few advantages is that Best Buy does allow for a 1 time battery replacement and charger and a loaner phone is provided should the defective unit be unusable. Replacement of defective phones is limited to 3 instances in a 2 year period. Not to mention many locations. With some of the carriers you actually have to send a phone in and or wait for the replacement unit. All phones at all retailers and carriers are refurb. FULL DISCLOSURE: I am currently employed by Best Buy. The opinion herein is my own. They do not represent any endorsement of their services.
  8. Case and Zagg is NOT all that... I have seen many many customers coming to the store and having dropped or scratched the phones. While GS4 has Gorilla Glass it can still break. While the deductible might be a turn off because of how expensive it is you must remember that should you need to replace the phone and have no protection you will have to pay full price. On the GS4 is about $800 though this is definitely a exaggerated price. I have dropped my Note 2 from 10 feet up with an Otterbox and it still cracked. While I do work for a retailer I personally DO recommend it.
  9. http://www.engadget.com/2013/12/18/ting-sprint-spark-lte-select-phones/
  10. FYI... Best Buy has moved up S4 pricing to today. Upgrades and new can be had today; no need to wait until Black Friday. Only thing I would suggest is calling your local stores and check before you go.
  11. I actually told Mike about it. Make sure you tell him so he knows who is affected. Here is my post in the tread.
  12. Glad you watched the spelling... you could have typed "I'm addicted to KY and S4GRU" That could have been bad...
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