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CEO speaks of "phase two"

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CEO Dan Hesse talks very high level about "phase two" of network vision.  




Enjoy the reading!  


Here is the more in depth article from the Barron's site from the above paraphrased article from WirelessWeek:  





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Sounds exciting and very promising. But that 3 year timeline killed me though haha. I cannot wait until things get rolling and seeing positive things about sprint in the headlines.



Many of my friends and family who have att and vzw and even tmobile wants to jump ship to sprint. They are aware of the investment of softbank but wants to wait until network has drastically improves in their respective area. Most of them just resigned contracts so hopefully in two years sprints network is A LOT better

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I have high hopes that within the next year it will be leaps and bounds better. Isn't NV already about 2/3 complete now? It seems like they are turning 800 mhz on pretty quickly in areas and LTE on that band won't be far behind. The only thing I am not certain of is the time table for the TD-LTE on the 2.5/2.6 ghz band. Besides the handful of cities that Clear already lit up, I am not sure how Sprint is approaching their goal of adding it to all of their sites.

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I am glad that they are already planning for the next few years, but I cant wait till the origional plan gets completed. That is when sprint will hopefully turn around their subscriber losses and start taking market share back. If they are increasing revenue and their subscriber base, they will be in a better position financially to and towers and service area, which is the only other reason (other than LTE) that people in my area do not switch to sprint. Once the service area is on par, and there is LTE, the cheaper prices and unlimited data will draw lots of people in... and with clearwire's spectrum, they should be able to make good on their 'Unlimited for Life' guarantee.


To answer your question dave, Sprint's current plan uses antennas that support only 800Mhz and 1900Mhz on their 38000 or so towers. From what I understand, it will be just a matter of adding another antenna, RRU, and baseband card to the cabinet... since that was the point of NV part one. But they will have to do the engineering, get government approval, and then visit all the towers again to add the missing pieces. Now some are co-located, but since clearwire was a separate company, they are not likely on the same position & possibly might have to pay a separate lease for that spot. So if sprint were to consolidate everything to their same position on the tower it will be the same process. If they keep the existing equipment and placement like clearwire owned sites, they will only need baseband equipment and RRU's to complete (assuming there is sufficient backhaul).

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