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Opinions on smartwatches


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Hi, I hope im putting this in the right forum. Im wondering what your opinions are smartwatches are, if they're a gimmick or not. Personally I find them to be an interesting new technology and I just invested in the kreyos meteor http://igg.me/at/kreyos/x/2749354. Do you think my investment was a waste of money.... or did I back the right product?

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I have a Pebble smart watch that I helped fund through kickstarter. I really like it. The thing is water proof, the battery lasts a week on a charge, there are lots of apps and custom watch faces for it and the e-ink display is sharp and easy to see in daylight. I also have a nice Suunto Core military spec watch and an ipod mini with watch band adapter as well. Watches are a great way to show off technology and for someone to show off their geek cred. I personally welcome the new smart watches coming out and I would definitely consider an iWatch or whatever else that comes out if it is as good and fun to customize as my Pebble.

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I think smart watches will be an interesting and profitable market but no where near the run away train that smart phones became. I think the market will turn on functionality and price point. I think most people will resist paying a $200 for a cell phone and then $150 for a smart watch.


P.S.-You might want to ask this question in  General Investing

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