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Google Press Event - Chromecast


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Ordered online, did in-store pickup.. didn't get a regular register receipt, just the full-sized piece of paper saying what I had picked up.  Nothing was on any of the online order confirmation e-mails either.




You should get an email from Best Buy with a link to get your digital download with the title "Your digital product is ready to download", gives you a link to get your code.


It is an ok device, maybe it will get better.


Playing Netflix from the phone isn't very user friendly.

I found that the PS3-Netflix app integration is a lot smoother.

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I contacted Best Buy today and got an immediate response telling me the codes are taking about a week to get sent, but I will be getting one.  That's cool.


Streaming through the YouTube app on my phone and website on my laptop seem to work well for me.  I think all of it will improve over time; clearly the public has an interest in a device like this so I have no doubt that Google will put a lot of effort into it.



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You can set it up with your phone, you don't have to use a pc, even with a wifi encrypted pw, you can still set it up.


I see it going places, I bet apps will build the SDK in at a very fast pace. The fact that ios and android can do it will really be sweet.


I think they should build in full device mirroring, not just for browsers. Being able to stream my S3 or ipad to any modern tv is a game changer.


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