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Sprint proxy filing shows deal talks with 4 entities before SoftBank agreement


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Reuters has a story out today regarding a Sprint proxy filing with the SEC. Basically it lays out 4 other potential deals that Sprint tried to work out between 2011 and 2012 before they agreed to the Softbank deal. The companies are coded as W,X,Y,Z. The reuters article speculates that W was most likely MetroPCS. Two others are probably TMo and Dish. Not sure who the fourth would be though.




I've searched the SEC Edgar database and haven't been able to fine the actual proxy filing yet.


Found it: http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1560158/000119312513036887/d425100ds4.htm#toc425100_48


The background of the merger section is what you want to hunt for. It starts at page 78 of the filing.


Definitely seems like company "y" was Tmo. And it looks like they pushed hard to work out a deal. Also, definite that buying Clearwire was requirement of Sprint/softbank deal.

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Truly exciting. Hesse has known for a long time that sprint needed consolidation to be the contender he dreams of being.


I love that Hesse drives a hard bargain... and I am sure that "fundamental value" comment is Ergen.... would love to be a fly on the wall when he found out about softbank and when he found out about clear.

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My guesses are that W is MetroPCS, X is USCC, Y is T-Mobile, and Z is Dish. My completely unfounded guesses based upon gut feeling, but still.


Tim Farrar seems to think that company X is SpectrumCo, they would have exchanged spectrum for equity.

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