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*Deal* Galaxy S3 $50 with $50 Google play credit at Radioshack


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I just stumbled on this info and thought some of you waiting for the Best Buy black friday $50 deal might be interested.




The Sprint GS3 has been discounted to $50 for new lines and $100 for upgrades. I'm not sure if they would price match the Best Buy deal, but you could always open a new line and cancel the existing line (you would lose your phone number or pay $20 to port to google voice though) The $50 google play credit essentially makes it free if you buy games/apps/movies/books etc on the play store.


I still have some of the credit remaining from my Nexus 7 google play credit...


The deal is already active though. No waiting for black friday. Then you can go do other things on black friday...


Edit: you also get a $10 coupon at radioshack for every $50 purchase. Although, they probably will say "oh, $49.99 isn't quite $50, no coupon for you..."

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Actually Sprint stores are offering the GS 3 for $49.99 for upgrades and new lines of service on black Friday.

i think Sprint is offering the GS 3 for $99.99 on BF with a $50.00 mail in rebate. I know it's the same, but I hate mail in rebates and you pay sales taxes on the higher amount. On the other hand I'm looking for any other way to avoid BF lines at BB.

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I just saw an advertisement for the Sprint GS3 at best buy, saying it comes with a $100 BB gift card. I wonder if that also applies to Black Friday :idea:

I saw that offer online last week but it no longer is available online. When did you see it?
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