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  1. North Arlington is quite hilly and I've found that to affect Sprint LTE speeds. Compare speed tests at the same locations at different times. Of course, network traffic volume at different times can also have an effect.
  2. That's interesting. At my house, my GSIII can get 2.5-7 mbps dl on LTE with a typical RSRP of -110 to -116. I can't even get an LTE signal on my wife's iPhone 5 from the same spot. She can get a signal on some areas of our property, so I'll take both phones there and compare them. I haven't compared 3G. Just my personal experience.
  3. Thanks for the info. If you have a Sprint phone, how does the EVDO on it in your area compare to the TriFi?
  4. I'm sure it'll improve as the market area builds out. I'm considering getting the TriFi hotspot but would like confirmation of it's performance before I get one. I've had a mixed bag of experience with Sierra Wireless. Thanks for the response. Give a shout out if you get an uptick in speeds.
  5. They are now out of supplies.
  6. So stop working! Just kidding! My experience in Collin County is very similar to yours. Coverage has improved consistantly over the last 2 weeks. I'm getting Lte where I never got Wimax and got only poor 3G speeds. Here's hoping that it just gets better.
  7. In my area I get 2-30 mbps down and .2-5 mbps up. Ping is 40-300 ms. Last fall my 200 kbps average dl bumped up to 600 kbps with occasional spikes to 1.4 mbps. My wife got an Iphone 5 a couple of months ago and it gets and holds LTE well. Handoffs are smooth and has not seemed to need to toggle. It will not get LTE at my house though and I've never been able to get Wimax here either (150 yards away but not here). I got a GSIII on Black Friday and was susprised to get a weak LTE signal in my house 2.5-6.5 mbps dl. The signal is not stable. It will go 3G/LTE and back but stays LTE most of the time. I can toggle it to LTE, but generally don't have to. I live in a mildly hilly terrain and yesterday I climbed up on the roof (I know, it's slightly obsessive, but I had to know) and got a stable signal and dl of 7-9 mbps. The den to roof switch changed the RSRP from average -114 to -107. I know that's a longer answer that you asked for, but I wanted to share my experience with everyone.
  8. Robert, Here is an article about it. http://www.phonedog.com/2012/11/26/after-one-month-i-decided-to-root-the-galaxy-note-ii/ A couple of links there.
  9. Sprint Overdrive is my "broadband". No DSL, no cable internet, but other options are slowing getting better. Maybe next year.
  10. How is your setup working for you? Does it help voice calls as well as data? Can you give an overall cost guesstimate? My fledgling LTE signal needs some help in the house and I'm running out of aluminum foil.
  11. BB has had 2 $100 one day sales on the GS 3 in the last few weeks. A store mgr. (for what it's worth) told me they would do the same with the GN 2 in the not too distant future. Probably when enough of the 5" 1080p phones get to market or the GS 4 is announced they'll have a special. I've got 60 days to make that happen
  12. I just ordered a GS 3 online at Best Buy. People at the store told me the GS 3 would only be available in stores for $48, but it was online as well today. The usual 30 day return policy has been extended to Jan 24, '13, so I've got 60 days to find a great deal on the GN 2 before I decide to keep the GS 3. No lines for me, I'm a happy camper!
  13. Daily reports please! Thanks.
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