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Where are all the tablets?


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I was looking at Sprint's site today and noticed there are no cellular-capable tablets available. Not one. ZTE Optik? Gone. Evo View 4G? Gone. The only options are WiFi only. What gives? Any idea if they are planning to bring out new EVDO and/or LTE devices this year?

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My opinion only but I'm not sure how many you're going to see either. I don't think at this time people want to pay another bill especially if they are already paying for access at home and on your phone.

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No doubt the ipad mini will be available at some point in the near future.



I have an evo view 4g in good condition just sitting around if you really want one, I'd likely accept any reasonable offer. I have a custom rooted rom on it, but can deliver it stock or with an unsupported ics or JB rom (not sure that 4g would be supported on ics or jb though).

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