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  1. You know, I have been on Verizon for about a month and I am in an LTE area that has pretty good coverage (Ping 56ms, Speedtest 12mbit-21Mbit Down 6Mbit-12Mbit up indoors). The very same thing has happened to me a cfew times (Goggle play timing out). It has also happened to other apps. Faster speed does not mean ALL Problems will go away completely. They will be more frequent and the general experience will be more pleasing. Just don't expect everything to be perfect.
  2. The Norfolk area was supposed to be Launched in December. I was supposed to start in September. I got local confirmation (from someone in the city permits office) that Sprint was working on it. That will be 3 months in just a few days and not a single tower in the area has been accepted. Three months sounds right to me. My hope is it will really speed up in spring.
  3. I wouldn't expect tower work to go quite as fast in Winter (especially in the north). I Expect even Chicargo will slow down!
  4. You are very entitled to your opinion. Even if it isn't the same as mine or others. One of your early posts appeared to encourage unresponsible use of Sprints NV. We have been reading and learning that in general people will use all the bandwith that makes things easy. As more becomes available, they will find more ways to use it... Streaming HD video, Video calls, etc. Sprint currently has less then acceptable service speeds in many areas. NV improvements will solve that, but nothing can solve it for the future if people don't try and be responsible with this shared resource. You want to tether? Hey that's fine. Sprint requires a tethering contract (and it IS data capped). One of the biggest issues on this board is people want NV to work. It (and Unlimited plans) will only remain viable for the long term if either gets rid of people using their phone as a home ISP (without a tethering addon) or if the sprint community educates itself to better self regulate. I have read thousands of posts and understand that network performance is very much impacted by Abusers. People who might look at LTE and say "I can save $50/month by just hooking my xbox and tv to use my fast LTE connection". I don't think you are in that crowd. Sprint Unlimited is for your phone. If you want to have the bandwidth to stream netflix on your phone while you are waiting for your car to be repaired (Which I think you SHOULD be able to do) then its necessary that people refrain from using mobile data for purposes it was not intended/designed (Use as a perminant ISP). You know I (and I believe most of the members here) wouldn't even object to incidental use (You need to make a hot spot for a presentation to a civic group, etc.) of IPS data. Anyway, Welcome to the group. I hope you don't feel too beat up. Just be aware that there are a number of people that feel if they can get away with it, its ok. I feel (I won't speak for all here) that just because its convienient to get rid of your fast food trash, you shouldn't throw it out the car window... It just comes down to the golden rule. Again Welcome!
  5. Sprint Store last time I got my Sprint phone.
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