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Is Sprint going to come out with a LTE phone with a keyboard


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Well sprint suppose to be releasing quite a few lte devices by year end so I would figure at least one of them will have a keyboard.

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Sprint has said that they are going to be releasing 15 LTE devices before the end of the year. So I suppose that the chances are good that at least one will have a keyboard. Although of those 15 devices, it will probably include at least one or two hotspots and one or two USB dongles.


S4GRU is now mobile...posted via Forum Runner

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There are a lot of people out there who still want keyboards. I can't imagine they would leave keyboard fans out in the cold. There have been rumors of a Epic 2 that could be a keyboard sequel to the Epic 4G with LTE and updated processor and ram etc.

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There are a lot of people out there who still want keyboards. I can't imagine they would leave keyboard fans out in the cold. There have been rumors of a Epic 2 that could be a keyboard sequel to the Epic 4G with LTE and updated processor and ram etc.

Yea because im one of them that like the keyboad also.
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    • Just installed the update, and it's good!  As you recommended, I turned off both TA adjustments, and turned on displaying it when it's zero.  The value is basically spot-on.  It's bouncing between 18 and 19 for the Cameron Valley site, and it is in fact between 0.87 and 0.92 miles, as displayed in the app.  This is probably a better estimate of the TA values than any other device I own provides. As far as the -44 goes, I'll have to take it out and verify that it no longer records those cases. If this device didn't have that annoying reset problem, and got the Android 14 update (and in so doing supported TA on NR and continued to allow band locking), it would easily be the best device I own.  Easily.  And would be the device I standardize on for the 5G era.  I'll probably have to wait for a future device to come out with Android 14 and then see what happens. And I know I didn't have to, but I love SCP.  It is my primary tool for tracking the goings-on of the various networks and is very easy to use and work with across my 10 phones.  I am very happy to send a token of my appreciation your way now and then.  Thanks again! - Trip
    • Sorry, I misread your message -- yes, the app would show 0 if an invalid value was being reported. I don't think I had any MediaTek devices myself, but the beta testers have had a decent variety of devices over the years.   Sorry, I didn't word that very well in my last post -- I added an option to control display of LTE TA when it is 0. By default it will now be hidden (sadly a lot of devices do not show it) but anyone who wants to display it can adjust accordingly. There will be 3 user-selectable options related to LTE TA now -- the existing correction option, correction on LTE-TDD (which is independent/in addition to the existing correction option), and TA:0 display. In your case, I'd disable the TDD option and enable the TA:0 option; the defaults will be the opposite of what I think you need.   You did not have to do that, but I sincerely appreciate it, thank you! Beta update is rolling out now, let me know how it goes.
    • In order: This is very helpful to know.  Thanks. That makes a lot of sense, though it's showing me zero rather than nothing; it looks like if it's calculating a negative number, I'm seeing zero instead.  It makes me wonder how many devices you've tested against which use the MediaTek chipset.  This is only the second one I've used, and the first one was very, very old (didn't have B41), so it's possible that the MediaTek chip doesn't need the correction while others do.  Separately, I doubt that a real world case will ever see 1282, so I imagine any value above 1281 could be ignored. I would ask you to please not hide TA values of 0, or if you hide them by default, add an option to not hide them.  I am aware that, for example, the S22 doesn't report a valid TA value and always reports zero, but zero is a legitimate value and is useful to know when trying to identify sites. I'll look forward to your impending update, and I'm going to send along another donation if I can find the link.  Thanks so much, as always!  - Trip
    • I received the reports, thanks! You didn't catch it happening (it captures the diagnostics as soon as you hit send or long-click the connection banner on the main screen), and I had sent you an e-mail to clarify which value was -3.. but your screenshots confirmed my hunch that you meant RSRQ!   I know exactly what is happening here. Somewhere along the way, I learned that TD-LTE bands (33-53) needed a TA correction of -19 applied, and I confirmed it on several devices. Perhaps that is no longer universally true.. but what you're seeing SCP display matches that correction. Below 19 you see nothing, at 19 you see 0, and above that you see TA-19. The upper limit is 1282, which is why you see 1263. Your phone must report 1282 when the TA is unknown, which is not technically safe but I can work around that. Funny enough, I had a change to TA coming in the next update that had nothing to do with your issues.. TA:0 will be hidden moving forward, since several devices report 0 when it cannot be identified. I'll have an app update out shortly that addresses all of this, let me know how it works for you and thanks for the detailed feedback!
    • Mike, We ended up going out this morning to do errands in spite of the tropical storm.  I locked the phone on LTE B41, turned off the TA correction checkbox, and watched it carefully while out and about.  I have four screenshots for you. https://imgur.com/a/kCPTCnB First, I happened to get a screenshot of it doing the -44 dBm thing.  I also tried to send you at least one set of diagnostics showing the -44 dBm but I don't know where precisely in the process it collects the diagnostics.  Hopefully there's something useful in them. The rest of the screenshots are far more interesting.  All three were taken within seconds of each other in the CVS parking lot.  The phone's diagnostic screen shows a TA of 17, and oddly, the SCP diagnostics screenshot also appears to show a TA of 17.  But SCP's normal display is showing 0.  Not entirely sure what to make of that.  It looks like SCP won't show me a value other than 0 until I hit about 19 according to the phone diagnostic screen. It also appears that when SCP is showing a TA of 1263, that's the equivalent of a null value for the TA--no TA is calculated.  The phone diagnostic screen appears to show just "12" when that's happening; the SCP diagnostic screen shows 1282 in the TA section when that happens, a difference of 19, which is highly convenient given what I noted above about the TA value.  (I can't test that the phone diagnostic screen is limited to two characters and is thus truncating 1282 to just "12" as I suspect given where I am right now.  Had I known to be looking for it, I'd have tested in the middle of nowhere yesterday.) Anything catch your eye?  Anything I can do to help more?  - Trip
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