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Sprint 4G site needs help

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I have posted something about the picture on the LTE page not showing the speed differences enough, but now that they are becoming more robust and really pushing the rollout, why don't they give the 4G site a new look and more features?


They should also put something about it on their homepage... "The Network of the Future is underway!" would look great, and should be in commercials too!


Any thoughts or inside people at Sprint know if they are working on this?


I like the sleek look and powerful look of Verizon's 4G page, and the simplicity and explanation of two 4G technologies that AT&T has (Sprint has two now..)


In my opinion, now that LTE is officially the future.. its time for an upgrade.

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They are treading carefully by not advertising as much. Many potential customers would not be impressed at the coverage (which is in itself misleadingly optimistic). The LTE network is still in it's infancy so they also want to reduce expectations until they have a good idea of how it will operate in real world conditions.

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I wonder what 'nationwide' actually means, as all the companies use that term.

Sprint does not have a xG nationwide coverage of any kind, no cell companies do.


Unless . . .


If I had a wifi AP in NY and another in LA, maybe I could advertise that I have a nationwide wifi network.

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Well, Sprint is at least licensed to provide service across the entire United States, even if they have entire states essentially without service...


In fact, IIRC, Sprint was the very first wireless carrier to land a full nationwide license... All they needed to do was built it out.

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