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  1. Replenished the love. Hope to see those maps once again some day ....i did not put my username. there was no place for comments.
  2. I agree. They need to be working on getting the message out they they are WORKING and acknowledge the issues at hand. There is still yet to be anything mentioning their NV on their homepage. With almost 70 markets and 200+ in the works I would think that when people see that "THE NEW SPRINT IS COMING"... they might consider that they might be the better option. Sure, now, Sprint has their issues, but the hope that is promised that we all know of is not very well communicated to the eyes of your everyday consumer. ...the simple half page flyer in your bill on the 3rd page isn't going to get
  3. I drove past two West Michigan sites today that had crews at, and up on the towers. Several trucks around and it looked like Sprint panel sections from what I've gathered Sprints panels look like.... One in downtown Kalamazoo on the east side.. ..and another off of I-94 (I saw work last week as well) closer to Battle Creek. No pics, as I was driving but I would LOVE to see new maps! Hopefully a lot more GR and KZOO, LAN sites start coming up! Michigan was supposed to originally launch around March, we'll see...
  4. The first... to my knowledge showing anything other than an "LTE phone" promotion on a commercial showing LTE and unlimited and VERY nicely done. THIS is the Sprint I want to see more of! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frKZyFYxQCY
  5. Went to apple today to fix a button issue on my phone only to get a brand new one but then I noticed some network issues at my house that usually never occur. I gave up trying ##UPDATE# a million times and called. The man informed me that my area, including most of Michigan but especially, what he could see, all of Kalamazoo, MI was preparing and receiving some prep work tonight for the "4G LTE Network Vision Upgrade"... It will be interesting to see the new maps come in.... This man said he worked closely with the network management and engineer team too.
  6. I just want to say that now that ive looked at it.. Sprint will be having a good year.
  7. Not much, but I donated.. struggling college student here. Anything helps! Great work here S4GRU!
  8. What do I have to do for Sponsorship? What do I have to do for Sponsorship?
  9. Exactly but they should and can still show us what they are going to do.. a coming soon never hurt anyone haha. With almost 60 markets complete they have enough to run their first LTE commercial in my opinion as they have not run any. I am going to bet that with money so tight they have to use it only to run their deals on devices?
  10. Well call me proud, which I am very proud of Sprint, but their competitors have been showing off their LTE networks this whole year (especially Verizon) and Sprint hasn't. I am well aware that Sprint still has lower coverage than those two (gaining, especially on ATT) but it would help them A LOT marketing wise, and I have said this before on here, to pull a Verizon LTE commercial stunt that they aired back in Dec 2010. (The barn and the lightning) We all know Sprint is doing a heck of a lot to its Network at rates faster than any other carrier because they are re-doing it ALL. But what w
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