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htc evo 4g lte root for the new update 1.22


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Maybe someone here knows and can respond, but this Site is more concerned with 4G rollout updates. I think your query would be better served asked or researched at a site more intended for software hacking like xda.


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Do a Google search for Regawmod its a one click solution. Read the instructions carefully though and understand you are voiding your warranty.


I just did this and loaded the Viper4G ROM. I hated having to do a factory reset, but the multitasking issues and other glitches were driving me nuts. The built-in customizability is incredible, and the battery life is really good. I haven't had a Sense reload, so far, and it's very, very smooth, performance-wise.


Right now, though, if you have HBOOT 1.15 (which came with 1.22), HTCDev.com is the only way to root the phone, unfortunately.

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Glad to hear you're a happy camper..and as it is with flashing a new ROM I hear a official update is available today from HTC ..


Of course!! And, it has Sense 4.1. LOL! It never stops, does it? At least, now that I am rooted, I can back up my apps and data with Titanium Backup and, once a rooted version of the OTA is available, I can try it out.


Of course, the Viper4G ROM will probably get Sense 4.1 very quickly, too.

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    • Rolling out a new beta release now with some minor adjustments and additional logging. Please log out of the app (or remove your session(s) from the website if the app is not providing the log out option) and try to log in again. If you experience an issue, please submit a diagnostic report immediately after your attempt. Logs only capture a limited amount of information, and sometimes a delay causes the useful information to already be overwritten. I also sent an e-mail to the beta crew offering a faster way to receive beta updates, please let me know if you have any questions.
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