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EVO LTE has trouble reconnecting to 3g.


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Anybody in an LTE launch area having trouble reconnecting to 3g when leaving a 4g area? It only does it when my screen is off (phone in my pocket) and not using it. If the screen is on it will reconnect just fine. I'm in San Antonio.


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actually, the same thing happens to me. sometimes it will get stuck on 1x and refuse to go to evdo, other times it loses data completely. kind of annoying. I will be much happier when the entire market is done.

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Hey Flyer, I get this on occasion too. I have to do one of two things oftentimes:


1) Restart the phone

2) Toggle airplane mode


My observation is the phone is thinking of going to either 4G or 3G so it is "thinking" in my opinion. I would think AJ or someone with better knowledge of the inner workings to shed some more light on this. I am in the KC market and have 4G in about 75% of the places I roam around to in KC area.



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If I toggle airplane mode my data connection falls on its face. Reboot sometimes fixes it. If not I reboot again.


It used to be bad before the last update. It would do it all the time when going through low signal areas. And we'll that is every where here with the poor tower spacing. At least now it rarely does it. Sprint upgraded my Airave since it would happen every time I left my airave coverage on the old 1x only one. Works good on the new airvana.


Hope the next update to the radio firmware fixes this issue for good.


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