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  1. I always have issues , but I think that's more of my EVO LTE than anything. Seems like i'm still getting stuck in 1x mode a lot when i'm on fringe of 4g, which is basically everywhere now, HAHA.
  2. when 4g is displaying, i believe the signal indicator is still for 1x signal strength. For example, you can force roaming, be on verizon/cricket 1x, but be receiving sprint 4g lte.
  3. actually, the same thing happens to me. sometimes it will get stuck on 1x and refuse to go to evdo, other times it loses data completely. kind of annoying. I will be much happier when the entire market is done.
  4. dialing *#*#4636#*#* brings up a bunch of options to mess with. At work i get no signal, but changing to the cellular 800mhz band gets me roaming on Verizon. On my way home one evening there was a particular area that would not let me connect to 4g but that i knew was covered, i decided to choose the Secondary 800Mhz band option which from doing a google search seems to be the Nextel iDEN spectrum, and to my surprise I got a 4g signal. However there are are couple of strange things happening. In certain areas (where there is 4g coverage) I get a signal by switching to the Secondary 800Mhz band. But, the signal indicator lights up as 4G and full signal. NetMonitor says i'm connected but doesn't tell me what tower or the signal strength. In areas where there is no 4g, the Secondary 800Mhz does not detect any signal. Is my phone going wonky? I didn't think the EVO LTE supported 4G on the 800mhz band?
  5. I asked because on the interactive map there are pins for 3G/800.
  6. Remember guys, The Houston network is nowhere close to being 100% coverage. There are only a couple of towers within the 610 loop that are active. It's a waiting game. Driving west on 610 loop south, driving west on 225, and then south on 146 i got constant 4g for a ways. Constant ~10mbps down/10mbps up . Which btw, does anyone have a tentative "schedule" of when certain towers "should" be upgraded? Just wondering when the few towers in League City are going to be done, or how long I'm going to have to wait to get LTE at the gym ;-). One other thing, I understand that they will be rolling out 800mhz in 1+ years, does this require new equipment on the sites as well or are they also preparing them for this right now? And what's the plan for the 800Mhz: CDMA, LTE, EVDO? Also, there's a particular spot where when the lte was lit up before launch for testing or something, i was able to get 30mbps up/10mbps down. What has changed that I am now only getting ~10/10. Is this a speed cap?
  7. A bit disappointing, my part of town still has yet to be completed( I drove around). But even then, Although I have four towers within 2 miles of my house, coverage in the street is around -100dBm. LTE can't help that. I had to get an Airave to make calls inside the house, but it's a piece of junk and has been replaced several times. It freezes up time to time as well and sends 10+ of the same text message to people. I guess it's a waiting game to see when they upgrade my area. If I can just get better speeds away from home where I don't have wifi, I'll be happy. But right now, areas with full signal are still creeping at 56k speeds. I feel like i'm stuck in the 90s. I'll be going into Houston tonight, will test the speeds/coverage there :-)
  8. I thought I would check the sprint network coverage map and to my surprise it shows "coverage" area for LTE. It says the coverage information was updated on 7/13/12. Does anyone have any idea how accurate this is? Is this the coverage after NV is completed? Reason i ask is because it seems like most of Houston is already covered. Obviously nowhere near all the tower upgrades complete, but have they replaced enough already to give the kind of coverage that is on the network map? Thanks, Trent
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