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  1. I think the battery problems really started with the Oreo update. Sometimes my phone will go from 25% to dead. My wife also has an HTC 10 and hers is even worse. Has anyone tried a factory reset? On a different note, since the 12+ isn't on Sprint, any ideas on you next phone?
  2. Has anyone seen any cost savings numbers for shutting down the WiMax network? Hopefully it's a decent chunk of the 2 to 2.5 billion cost cuts.
  3. Congratulations on being one of the Android Central apps of the week. http://www.androidcentral.com/ac-editors-apps-week-weber-grills-signal-check-mayday-2-and-more#slide5
  4. Has anyone else noticed 800 has been on the last couple of days in the KC area? I'm staying on it all day downtown. For the first time ever, my phone rang in the elevator at work, i was able to answer and not drop a the call while going driving out of the cement underground parking garage. That has never happened. The in building coverage is dramatically improved. I hope it's on for good.
  5. Really? What industry do you work in? That stuff happens all the time.
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    I finally did the upgrade over the weekend. It's almost like having a new phone. The hardest part was finding a windows 7 machine. I fired up an old laptop with XP and got it to do the upgrade. This will make it easier to wait for the M8( or the "All new HTC one" as it might be called).
  7. Have you looked into Big Data? The basis of it is storing masses of unstructured data (text, email, facebook posts, twitter,etc) in cheap hardware. Once the data is there Data Scientists (heavy statistics) try to pull valuable information from the data. A google search is using Big Data technologies to quickly return results. If you think about how much data a search goes through and how quickly it returns, it's really pretty amazing. From a coding perspective, there is something called MapReduce, which is a way to interact with the data. Data Scientists use something like R code to analyze the data. These are the people who are in high demand. Someone who knows statics, but also can do programming is valuable. There are languages to load, query, and analyze the data. Pthyon, Pig, Scoop are a few. I'm not a Big Data programmer so if someone else has more information to add or correct, feel free. I saw one post mentioning Vertica which can fall into the Big Data appliance area. If you want more information give http://bigdatauniversity.com/ a look. There are some free quick training course to give you more information around Big Data. Predictive modeling is a lot of times the end goal with Big Data. Imagine if you could compile a bunch of crime information, like time of day, day of week, temp, type, full moon, location, etc. Then based on that information, you find a pattern to predict when and where a crime might happen. The police department could then have a patrol car drive through the areas during the times that a crime is likely to happen. This could prevent the crime from occurring. That is just an example. There are many out there. There is a Regional User group meeting in Kansas City. STL might have something similar. Here is a link to the KC group: http://www.meetup.com/Kansas-City-Big-Data-Projects-Group/
  8. The same thing happened in the KC area. Anytime you were on a call connected to 800, it would drop the call when moving out of the that coverage area. So they blocked connections to 800 for the last several months. I actually just connected to 800 tonight (I noticed thanks to your app) for the first time in along time.
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    Yeah, I run into the same thing. Most of them don't work with the network stuff at all. Because of this site, I know more than they do.
  10. shawn_kc

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    Good to see another Overland Park person on the forum! You would think there would be a few more with the Sprint campus located here.
  11. I posted something in the KC market thread about a call that sounded very different. It was definitely more clear. I asked my buddy if he plugged in a headset or something because the sound was much clearer. I have an EVO LTE and my buddy has a G4. I'm still not sure if it was HD voice or not. Thanks for starting this thread. I was hoping to verify if HD voice is becoming available.
  12. Has anyone noticed a difference in call sound quality? I'm not sure if it's HD voice, but a weird thing happened tonight while I was talking to a buddy of mine. The call dropped so he called me back. After answering, I asked him if he put on a headset because the sound was totally different. He didn't and mentioned he noticed the same thing for me. I'm not sure if it's even possible to be HD voice. We both are on Sprint. I have an HTC Evo LTE, and I believe he has a galaxy 4.
  13. I think calls were dropping on the hand off between 800 and 1900 so they shutdown 800 until they can bring it up in large areas.
  14. I think what he means is he uses wifi at work, but the proxy that is setup for the wireless blocks sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. So when he wants to hit those sites he shuts off his wifi, then sometimes forgets to turn it back on. I have a similar issue at work. I connect to the wifi at work, but until i open a browser and put in my credentials into the wireless proxy, I won't be able to send or receive through wifi. Sometimes, I just shut my wifi off if I don't feel like open my browser, putting in my id, and adding by rsa token just be able to get use my phone for anything requiring data.
  15. I wish notifications for missed messages would be added. Until then, I will continue to use an app that does have notifications. I really don't understand why you would build a messaging app the doesn't have notifications for missed messages.
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