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Poor Call Quality on Verizon Galaxy S III

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I get poor call quality on the Verizon Galaxy S III in places where Sprint worked great on the Nexus S 4G and the iPhone.


I get poor call quality (dropouts and garbledness) where it's about -100 dBm or less, especially jumping around -105 to -111. I'm just curious why, and I feel like Sprint has just better call quality in general. My GS3 in unusable for phone calls in my house on Verizon, but the iPhone on Sprint was fine. The house is stucco over wire mesh so I don't expect wireless to work well in the house.

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I tried out two GS3's, and couldn't get a good signal in "my area" with either of them. It's a great phone and wanted to keep it, but found that the radio wasn't the best, at least in my area. When driving to mankato, it was virtually zero bars when passing by janesville, and dropping calls. I have the EVO LTE now, and I have full bars when driving by jansville on hwy 14. For whatever reason the GS3 didn't like the tower in that town.

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To be honest I absolutely hate talking to people with VZW. They used the shi**est codec just sounds all muffled cant make out what they say. Have to ask people to repeat themselves. Its almost to the point of unbearable. I have no problems with any other carrier just Vzw. Just my experience!

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In my opinion, Sprint does have the best voice quality. Too bad I dislike talking to people on the phone.


That being said, the GS3 has an excellent 1x/EVDO radio and it tests right on par with the best smartphones on the Sprint network. The same as the Motorola Photon. I have not tested LTE radio performance yet (but will on Labor Day weekend). But I can tell you if you are having problems with reception on a Sprint GS3, you either have defective device, or you are not in a Sprint coverage area.



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    • What devices should do, and what they actually do, are two very different things! As you've probably heard me mention countless times, many of those screens get information in a proprietary manner directly from the modem; apps like SignalCheck can only get what the OS is reporting. I did find your earlier reports, and as I guessed, the OS was reporting valid signal strength. I will try to figure out a solution.
    • Service mode shows the SIM as having no service, so I would think the device should report that. I believe I sent a diagnostic report a little while back—can you check to see if you have it?
    • Interesting, that doesn't happen on my P7. Can you send me a diagnostic report the next time you see that please? Hopefully the phone isn't actually reporting the -115, that will be tricky.
    • Hey Mike—another dual SIM bug. If one SIM loses service, it doesn’t disappear from the app.  I’ve seen this a couple times—my Dish SIM will lose service (confirmed in service mode), but SCP won’t stop displaying -115 or so. And it logs a data point at that signal every time the location updates.  Along the same lines, I have a custom trigger set up for 313340 (Dish), and the custom trigger keeps firing when this is happening. 
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