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  1. I have an S8+ and it's a nice phone, "standby time" is excellent. On a full charge just before bedtime and 9 hours later the battery is still at 100% (I'm hardly even using it). Unfortunately, I had to switch carriers because of my daughters, one is working and the other is going to start college where Sprint doesn't have good coverage, that's the only reason. The town where I live, Sprint is faster than Verizon. This has around 45 mins screen time http://www.dropbox.com/s/5dzoc34tg8zzwjs/SB-16hrs.jpg?dl=0
  2. I turned off WiFi and then rebooted, I haven't had the error for about 2 hours. I'll wait and see. Edit: The error came back with WiFi off.
  3. Has anybody else been getting "Unable to establish a wireless data connection" LTE: ESM-31 EMM-x" error?...randomly ?...I've called support and they did the normal profile update/ factory reset procedures.
  4. I do remember Sprint "for a lack of a better word" downgrading the PRL on the Note 2 because of incompatibilities with band class 10 ??.. I could be wrong though.
  5. I think the "reception" is good to be honest, it's pretty close to an Apple 6s. It doesn't cling to band 41 like the Note 5 "did" when it first came out though. My experiences are...... 1. The Note 7 finds LTE sooner than the Note 5, but it also drops it just a hair quicker too. 2. I think 3G is a lot better/stronger on the Note 7 3. Switches between LTE and 3G a lot quicker than the Note 5.
  6. I guess college town could be the reason, maybe they'll wait until summer when the college is closed. Sprint is on top of the watertower by Mankato Ford, towers by Bethany College, MSU, downtown south and west of the Verizon building, tower by the McDonald's on hwy 169/14 and two in North Mankato.
  7. I was at BestBuy Wednesday and got around 8mbps. I'm shocked they don't have band 41 up and running in Mankato. I live in Waseca, which is about 23 miles east of Mankato and we've had band 41 and channel aggregation for a year.
  8. Do you activate over WiFi ?. I usually don't enable WiFi until i remove all the apps i don't need, otherwise it starts downloading them as soon as you get to your home screen.
  9. Same version I got at XDA, it's a nice build...no changes in signal so far.
  10. It looks official, I used Odin and the tar file, and it didn't trip Knox, but this process will erase everything. If you take the OTA update, you shouldn't lose your data. Boot up animations are better looking, It says LTE plus, more spectrum, better network. Still downloading updates for the apps.
  11. Yes, I received two chargers on Tuesday,it was a nice surprise.
  12. My wish list for new towers in south central Minnesota 1. 5 miles east side and west of Austin, Mn - i90 2. Claremont, Mn - Hwy 14 3. Frost, Mn area - i90 4. Wells/Alden, Mn - i90 5. New Richland, Mn - Hwy 13 6. Janesville, Mn - Hwy 14
  13. Go into settings, then music, then select "Show all Music". That should fix it
  14. Try turning off WiFi calling on your account. That helped me.
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