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Evo 4G LTE selling @ Amazon for $49.99


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From what I been hearing and seeing though, sprint have been selling quite a bit of evo's. Maybe amazon anticipated more sales and it didn't quite work out that way and they are trying to move excess inventory.

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It's only for new contract customers and not upgrades, but still that's a heck of a price point to get a device like this. If this was running before I did my upgrade I would have considered adding a line to my current plan and then dropping the off-contract number.

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They have the Samsung Galaxy III at the same price. They have an option for existing customers, but it thinks you don't have an existing data plan and asks you to pick one. Custco sells the HTC EVO 4G LTE for $189.99, but they through in two cases, a car charger and screen saver. I have not tried the screen saver.

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