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Sprint's Port-in Credit Deal is Back On!


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Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 1 February 2012


The port in credit that Sprint was offering last year is back on. Get a $50 dollar credit for each "dumbphone" and and $100 to $175 for each SmartPhone you port to Sprint. Just make sure you fill out the online application within 72 hours of porting. Only catch is you have to buy the phone directly from Sprint. It worked great for me when I had my parents port onto my plan from ATT last year. Hopefully it can save someone some dough.




Edit: Just noticed this is for Corporate accounts this time around.

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Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 2 February 2012


I was reading the fine print and saw "Smartphones included in this offer are Blackberry©, Android™, Windows Mobile©, Palm©, and Instinct™ family of devices."


INSTINCT? That is a smartphone? But the iPhone isn't on there...


I'm guessing I can't port my number to google voice and then port it back.

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Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 2 February 2012


Sprint seems to be concerned all the sudden about keeping customers. Funny since the past year was all about disaffecting everyone with the lost of discounts and premier status and adding the premium data fee.

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That port in credit is what helped convince me to become a Sprint customer last year. I got my evo shift 4G for like $9.24 since the store waived the activation too. It was a really awesome deal. I probably should have gotten a better phone, but I really wanted the physical keyboard, and I was short the extra $20 or $30 for the Epic.

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    • It is pretty easy to use, once you get the hang of it. For example, to select a specific LTE Band(s) Click on [7] --Clear selected bands Click on [5] LTE Band Preferences Click on the specific band(s) you want to enable.  Click on [F] Go Main Click on [9] --Apply band configuration The same holds for NR5G, just you would click on [5] NR5G Band preferences instead of [5] LTE Band Preferences To re-enable all bands: Click on [8] --Select all bands Click on [9] --Apply band configuration  
    • Got the Android 12 based upgrade today with May 2022 security.  They now have favorites in contacts. Have not yet figured out how to get rid of the google/T-Mobile screen. Wall paper changes.
    • 25/26 are still on here, though the site historically nearest me has been decom'd. I did have to cycle to B26 and then B25 to get my phone to lock on, as going directly to B25 landed me on AT&T MFBI. Will be interesting to see how long 25/26 stay on; it's hard to connect to Sprint B41 here as there's plenty of T-Mobile B41 on n41 sites.
    • Looks like the remaining Sprint network might be dead here now. Forcing my phone to B25 or B26 gives me no network, sad day for sure. 
    • Good to know. This actually looks nothing like the screen I remember. Is there a guide on here somewhere, or "just Google it"? 😁
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