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  1. i saw the same today with SCP but it is a display bug of cached data i believe. during this behavior, if you completely exit the SCP app and then reopen it you will see it now shows USCC correctly.
  2. was this on USCC? i did a few quick downloads again today while on USCC and i *think* it got added to my regular, non-roaming LTE totals for my usage. still need more data points though.
  3. do they break that stuff down at a granular level like that when sharing they added X number of lines for the quarter? they may not pad the numbers with them though, my OP was more or less thinking out loud.
  4. but do you have a bill from before you had an airave to compare taxes and fees? Because, guess what...i do. Actually, i returned my airave earlier this year after three years of not using it. the bills after returning the device are about $2.50 LOWER. The difference came from lower admin fees and other surcharges that are charged per line.
  5. asking a sprint chat rep a question like that (or really any question, imo) is just asking for possibly unreliable information. you think maybe they will give me back the years of taxes and fees i paid on my airave "line"?
  6. but this was done even way back on the old original Airaves. while it may technically be needed now, they hacve little incentive to try to do it differently when they can continue to assess those sweet "administrative charges" and all the other fluff, per line.
  7. many cell taxes and fees are based on per line, not a percentage of the cost at least in my state.
  8. i have two MBs on my account currently. Most likely a mistake but they are there, two separate phone numbers, two separate lines and i have two MBs sitting in my office as we speak, so it can be done. Neither of them work due to my area but they are here waiting to be shipped back.
  9. As said, they add a phone number to these so it is a "line" and the necessary phone line charges / taxes for your local area are added to it. it has been this way ever since the airave came out years ago. i believe one user had his account maxed out on "lines" and that is why they could not add a MB to his account because there was no open lines available and he had to get approved for more. so that is why i am thinking this will allow them to pad the # of lines they have...if its taxed like a line and treated like a line...then it must be a line. ARPU aside, why wouldnt it help their figures for total # of lines? if you have 40 million lines before the MB and now there is 1.5 million MBs in service any carrier would love to trot out "we added 1.5 million lines this past quarter" or even better, when they continually add MBs every quarter they can say we added X number of lines this past quarter. it just looks good on paper.
  10. Verizon shrinking coverage in Maine.

    Ive been reading some comments in various local facebook groups and what not and it seems the customers up in this county who signed up for verizon did get some pushback initially. One woman, while at the verizon store signing up, was declined service based on her home zip code so the nice rep simply put in the zip code to maines largest city to establish service (and obviously establish his commission) and then once the account was up and running the woman then went and updated her address to her actual address in this roaming partners area. there was only about 2,000 customers effected by this up this way so i do not think it would be far fetched to think many of these people were signed up under similar circumstances. i put cell phone sales reps in the same group as car salesmen.
  11. i wonder if each MB will be counted as a line since each box is given its own phone number. would really help pad the numbers.
  12. Verizon shrinking coverage in Maine.

    At least for the maine problem, the LTE roaming partner did not provide end user service to begin (which makes it even stranger verizon got into this deal with them) with so they can not be switched to but it doesnt matter, USCC is king up there.
  13. Has anyone who roams on US Cellular (LTE or EVDO) noticed that roaming traffic is no longer being updated in account usage (as roaming)? I only noticed around labor day time frame, at the same time i noticed that i was no longer limited to about 2 mbits. Labor day weekend i put through about 1.5 gigs of data on USCC and it was not reflected and i was not cut off but then my statement cut and everything got reset and here we are several weeks into a new period and again no roaming traffic has been counted, still set to zero. I used about 150 megabytes yesterday afternoon but i can not tell if it was added to my normal non-roaming LTE totals or not.
  14. Verizon shrinking coverage in Maine.

    With verizons unlimited accounts, it is probably more profitable with less headaches to just steer people to verizon so you can sit back and enjoy that sweet sweet roaming revenue. if you go on the facebook page of that maine provider in the OP you will see how they talked about downloading and streaming to your hearts galore.
  15. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Gah that sucks. i believe it is the university system that has it and a WISP is currently offering service. hopefully one day band 41 will show up.