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  1. He looked like somebody shot his dog last week! Enough is enough..

  2. Simply the best!!#SPEEDF1

  3. Holophonic Sounds - Tricking Your Mind To See Alternate Realities: http://t.co/Wf9oyCDo via @youtube

  4. :-) how does that taste Cowboy fan !!

  5. Oh man JJ is out Brad gets the win I guess ,the fix for Penske is in..

  6. Football ,F1 and a little NASCAR a full Sunday.

  7. Ok so how do you know which are LTE on the maps the way it's worded ? Misleading....all it shows are "upgrades"
  8. Jam a guy into the wall for the win ...and that's good racing...since when guys.

  9. BBC - 1Xtra Live 2012 - Acts - Alicia Keys http://t.co/YislihwQ

  10. After Court, Hope Solo And Jerramy Stevens Went And Got Married: http://t.co/bNONzeBe via @AddThis

  11. Why pitch back that loose yds!

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