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  1. Sept 1st Update is out for Note20 devices. Kinda surprising since the previous update was 10 days ago.
  2. Sept. 1 security updates is out
  3. Dang it, just did a road trip and none of that will count. 😁
  4. N20U and got the update today as well. Pretty hefty at 1350MB.
  5. Example of capacity, speed tests are now in the 750s when they used to be in the 60s.
  6. The tower in the Hollywood district got the full suite (2/12/41/66/71). This is a much needed upgrade improving capacity and range in the area, expanding into some notable weak spots.
  7. Starting to see more and more mentions of n25and n66 in local permits:
  8. TMobile continues their trend of keeping and updating absurd towers. SE02656A (18324 151st Ave, Woodinville, WA) received the full suite of upgrades including B41/n41. That site is horribly located, serving almost nobody (it is heavily geographically shadowed). Also, I just saw this permit for Kirkland. It appears they are keeping the Sprint mini-macro site at the top of 85th. This is along with the previously mentioned site across the 405. I fully expected this mini-macro site to get decommissioned because T-Mobile serves that area pretty well already. https://permitsearch.mybuildingpermit.com/PermitDetails/WIR21-00494/Kirkland Speaking of the site across thr 405, I believe this permit is for said site: https://permitsearch.mybuildingpermit.com/PermitDetails/WIR21-00477/Kirkland
  9. FYI the Evergreen hospital n41 panels are live. They do a great job of covering I405, I was able to maintain a B41 connection to that tower almost all the way down to Kirkland exit 18.
  10. Quite accurate if not conservative in the Metro Seattle area. In fact I know of two recent B41/n41 towers that aren't on the map.
  11. I saw a permit for it in rural Washington a few months back. I also believe one or two people have seen n66 on Reddit.
  12. I noticed yesterday that T-Mobile upgraded the n41 panel on a local tower from an AAHF to an AEHC. I am quite surprised they updated that tower so quickly, since it was just upgraded to n41 in Sept. of last year. This allowed them to expand the n41 carrier from 60MHz to 100MHz. Not sure why since the tower speeds are backhaul limited.
  13. A couple of interesting new permits I came across in Kirkland: First one: https://permitsearch.mybuildingpermit.com/PermitDetails/PUB21-04351/Kirkland This one has been returned to T-Mobile for correction and resubmission. That being said, first time I have seen a permit for an outright decommission of a Sprint site rather than a conversion. Second one: https://permitsearch.mybuildingpermit.com/PermitDetails/WIR21-00397/Kirkland Looks like they are finally going to upgrade the Kirkland Urban. It really surprised me that they didn't upgrade this site sooner. The density in that area, especially as Google and Tableu return to the office, is going to be extremely high. It could easily use n41 if not mmWave density to serve the area. The latter is especially true since it has loads of open outdoor spaces.
  14. Pretty cool! I didn't know that these even existed.
  15. Apologies for the delay, I have been working on some process validation documents which we need to send to the FDA. Thanks for organizing that! Here is my overlay gif of the various results: The on thing that strikes me about your optimization is that while Totem Lake mall and a couple other commercial areas are well covered, the residential areas to the NE and to the W take a notable hit. Speaking from experience, neither of those have great secondary towers serving those areas. The area to the NE is weakly served by the Kingsgate tower; which is geographically shielded and far enough away that it isn't a great option. Meanwhile, the W residential area has ALWAYS been a T-Mobile weak spot and the AT&T co-lo addresses that. Looking at the SE03029A tower, I wonder if eliminating the North facing sector wouldn't improve things further in the Totem Lake area (from a SNR perspective). I think it is very clear that this is a prime example of addition by subtraction and they need to take a complex look at what towers/sectors should be removed from the existing sites.
  16. Yeah I am an idiot, it is ENE, S, NW. Damn, that is a freaking disaster area in Totem Lake. Overlaying them really shows the changes albeit the Evergreen site in the original has a different orientation. Still, removing that McDonalds site TRULY improves things by a LARGE amount. I honestly wonder if they couldn't lose that tower by the CKC and have improved performance as well based on the updated image.
  17. Thanks and my comment about the hospital was somewhat incorrect. The hospital sectors are arranges in a y-shape with the following arrangement: N, SW, SE. Also, thanks for the clarification on the colors and how to interpret the results.
  18. So much red and that doesn't even include the site behind McDonalds. Also, not sure if it matters but the Evergreen hospital antennas are pointed a different direction. At least one of the sectors points south.
  19. NOW they care about overlap? Ridiculous. They waited utnil they have 4+ sites within a mile or so to start caring. Shut down that stupid site by McD's, the Motel 6 site, and limit the pole by the CKC to sectors pointing away from Totem Lake. That new site they added (the AT&T colo) does an EXCELLENT job of covering huge chunks of that area. Yep, typo. Interesting, I would have thought that the site on top of the building at the corner of 124th and WIllows plus the tower at the top of that hill would have covered it well.
  20. Three more B41/n41 panels have been installed near me: 1. Evergreen Hospital - This one is very puzzling. I first noticed it has was upgraded at least 3-4 weeks ago and have not been able to get an n41 signal from it yet. 2. Site on the tower off 140th Ave Bothell, on the top of the hill by the 405/522 interchange. This site is a great upgrade because it provides excellent B41/n41 coverage of this interchange and a good chunk of the Bothell side of the 522. 3. Site on NE 122nd St. Redmond (next to Clara Barton Elementary and serves the area near the 124th/Woodinville-Redmond interchange). This one was a bit surprising since it is a deeply residential area, due to the nature of the area, I could see it supporting a decent amount of home internet.
  21. Based on my observations, T-Mobile uses Sector IDs to identify carriers: Sectors 1-F: B66 Sectors 11-1F: B2 - Carrier 1 Sectors 21-2F: B12 Sectors 61-6F: B71 Sectors 111-11F: B2 Carrier 2 Sectors 131-13F: B41 Carrier 1 Sectors 141-14F: B41 Carrier 2 I was able to check these out in three entirely different markets (Washington, Kentucky, and Florida) and these patterns held true. That being said, I did see a single tower broadcasting B66 in Sector 188 (Tower 1003913) in Lexington but have not seen that otherwise. Not sure what that sector ID denote (some sort of mini-macro, home router, etc.)
  22. Returned back to town and finally saw some 100MHz n41 sites. During the drive home, I saw 60, 80, and 100 MHz n41 sites during the drive. Interestingly, they all used the same EARFCN 519870 (2599.35 MHz). While it was clear that the 60MHz sites used the older Nokia AAHF B41/n41 panels, 80MHz and 100MHz appeared to use identical panels (the newer Nokia AEHC). I am unsure why some sites were 100 while the rest were 80.
  23. Pros: Roaming agreements and international roaming without issue. Cons: No standalone 5G. I can't remember if your phone can aggregate 5G carriers but if not, then SA-5G isn't helpful unless you are in a very rural.
  24. Yes, a few towers here have been shutdown. Namely the main tower in downtown Kirkland.
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