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  1. It doesn't matter who they get the fiber from, as long as it performs up to their specifications.
  2. Robert updates that list about once a month give or take. It might be a while though since he's in the middle of moving/new job. That 0% number really wouldn't change anyway....there are 219 sites in North LA, since 1 is live with LTE that number is like .46%. Here's a link to the article that has a map of North LA: http://s4gru.com/index.php?/blog/1/entry-330-network-visionlte-deployment-is-starting-now-in-east-kentucky-north-la-upstate-new-york-east-and-vtnhme-markets-ahead-of-schedule/ One site just went live in Santa Maria, so things are moving along on the full build sites. Like I mentioned before, definitely consider becoming a sponsor. You'll have access to maps of all the sites and also of sites that have been completed. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/1195-information-about-s4gru-sponsorship-levels-and-how-to-become-a-sponsor/
  3. It depends on the county. If I remember correctly, it took about a month for Verizon to get a permit issued for the new site they put up next to my work.
  4. Since NV is expected to be more or less complete by mid next year, you'll probably pick up LTE before then. If I had to take a guess within 3-6 months, most likely sooner rather than later.
  5. Here's the definition from the FAQ: eHRPD - Enhanced High Rate Packet Data – a software overlay that allows for smooth handoff between EVDO and LTE. Click here for more eHRPD details.
  6. There is no LTE live yet in Santa Maria. The only area where a 4G site has been accepted is Camarillo.
  7. Unfortunately, some cities don't have their permit information available online.
  8. Whether or not a location has WiMax, won't have any affect on the timing of when LTE goes live. Pretty much everywhere you have 3G now, you'll get LTE. Clearwire however has started TD-LTE rollout: http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/4675-td-lte-2600band-41-lte-info-teaser/
  9. Yep patience is the key. I think a lot of people forget that work is being done all the time, whether we see it or not. Unless you physically go to every site, you won't know what's in progress. They go to whatever site that's ready for work, regardless of where it's at. Here, as in Ventura? There's already one site in Oxnard and a few in Ventura complete, although 3G only. I know the one near my work is waiting on fiber from ATT still. I'm guessing the others that aren't live with LTE yet are waiting on backhaul as well. A page or 2 back I posted some pictures of sites...if you see antennas or RRU's up that look like that, you know work is being done on the site. Here's a guide on what to look for, with lots of good pictures: http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/3915-how-to-spot-sprint-antennas-and-rrus-alcatel-lucent-style/
  10. You'll get it there. There's a site that's pretty close to that area. I work near Victoria and Olivas Park. Donate and you'll get access to maps of all Sprint sites. It's worth it to see where all the sites are located and which ones are accepted. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/1195-information-about-s4gru-sponsorship-levels-and-how-to-become-a-sponsor/
  11. If I remember correctly, Sprint plans on having NV complete by mid 2014. In the next 3 to 6 months you'll probably have LTE in more places than not. I'm pretty impressed that the one site covers so much area.
  12. Unfortunately it's always scattered in the beginning. That's the nature of being able to connect as sites are done, versus blocking people until there’s enough coverage. It'll get better and better as more sites come online. I'd rather connect to whatever is available over having to wait until coverage is "complete".
  13. I see it now, thanks! I just needed to zoom in and out to get the layers to show.
  14. Try to map it on Sensorly, if you can. Over the weekend, I wasn't able to stay connected past around Arneill, driving on Las Posas towards Lewis. I should have been able to get signal over there, due to where the site is located. I stopped near the police station and tried cycling airplane mode, but no luck.
  15. There's a couple of sites in Ventura that I think will get LTE as soon as the backhaul is ready. I know the site near my work is waiting on it still. I stopped by it yesterday and still no fiber from ATT.
  16. Yep, Robert mentioned it here: http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/4675-td-lte-2600band-41-lte-info-teaser/?p=205910
  17. LTE is live in North LA! Mapped it on Sensorly: http://www.sensorly.com/map/4G/US/USA/Sprint/lte_310sprint#q=93010 Also the antennas are up on the site near Lewis. There were guys today working on the conduit for the fiber again.
  18. Yep that's the first one. Robert posted it to the maps thread before he posted the acceptance report. It'll be sad if the other Camarillo site goes live before the one near my work in Ventura. As of last week, it was still waiting on fiber from ATT. They must hate waiting on the back haul providers to do their thing.
  19. Unfortunately, you can't map on Sensory on Iphones.
  20. One site just went live in Camarillo....although I didn't get a chance today to check it out. Tomorrow I'll have some time to see if I can connect to LTE near the site. I'll also see how far along the site near Lewis is. It looked like antennas were up on it, when coming home from work today.
  21. I think Agoura/Calabasas are the start of LA Metro....at least along the 101. A site was just acecepted in Camarillo. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/635-network-vision-site-map-la-metro-orange-county-north-la-markets/?p=204231
  22. Just an update, no 1x800 today. I probably just got lucky yesterday while they were testing.
  23. No, the new IPhone will not work with band 41. Unfortunately it is dual band only.
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