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  1. I'll be around San Jose and the Bay Area next weekend and will test it out then, thanks!
  2. Mine says the same thing. My phone works fine on ehrpd, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  3. Prior to the LJ7 update it was enabled all the time even when not connected to LTE. I checked the setting on a coworker's phone who was on LI3 still....stock phone not rooted or anything. After he took the latest OTA, the setting had changed to disabled, as did mine. I was sort of worried that it made a difference, so I had made a nandroid before I updated to Jelly Bean, in case I had issues connecting while I was in LA last weekend. I should have changed the setting to enabled to see if it did anything or not, but I didn't think of it at the time.
  4. I'm not sure what the setting is for, but I was able to connect to lte with it set to disabled. Prior to the Jelly Bean update, it was set to enabled.
  5. I almost forgot, I'm using an older baseband since the I had read on XDA that the new one wasn't as good at picking up LTE on its own. I'm not sure if that would make a difference or not.
  6. Weird, mine is showing both. My S3 is stock, rooted only.
  7. He might be out of luck then, since he doesn't have an external SD card at the moment.
  8. Maybe it'll work if you drop it in the cache folder, since I think it gets downloaded there by default.
  9. Yep shows up 3 times for me. Once as soon as the power goes on, the animated one, and one after the Sprint animation. My phone just happened to restart when I was messing with the Google Music widget.
  10. The download is the real update and you can just download it to your phone. I put the download in the root of my external sd card and ran it from there. As long as your phone is stock, you can install it from within the stock recovery.
  11. Interesting. Mine is set to off, and but in settings under mobile network it says CDMA/LTE/EVDO. If I change it to LTE on, it changes mobile network to global.
  12. The site's been English for me, but the title/header says Cartes de couverture instead of coverage maps. I wasn't paying to close attention, but I want to say it started sometime last week.
  13. It's working fine for me. Maybe they're having some sort of routing issues from certain ISPs?
  14. Interesting coincidence...I work/live in the north LA market and noticed ehrpd was off yesterday afternoon. It's back on this morning though.
  15. Actually the LA market hasn't launched yet. If I remember right, I don't think they even soft launched yet.
  16. From what I've been reading, there's also a scan time issue where the Evo isn't scanning for a signal often enough. I think it was on this forum where someone mentioned they sat in range of a tower and the phone took a good 20 minutes to connect to LTE on it's own. Once some towers go live near in LA, I'll be testing it out with my phone and my wife's Galaxy Nexus. Hopefully whatever Sprint store I go to, doesn't give me the same "your phone isn't LTE capable" line, when I bring the issue up.
  17. It's funny that it was missing, considering it's the one having issues.
  18. That's pretty sad.....I guess that LTE network option on the phone is just there for decoration. Didn't they have a demo Evo in the store?
  19. I'll probably be in a Sprint store once NV soft launches in LA and I can connect to a tower. What's sad is I that I already looked at the tower maps to find a store that's in range of a tower. I figure it's hard for them to argue it's a network issue, if the Evo is the only phone in the store that can't connect.
  20. The last two did, if I remember right. I recall I just flashed the radios, etc. separately.
  21. Robert, Any inside info on whether they are still working on the issue? I assume the answer is yes, but then again you never know. If not, there's going to be a lot of people wanting to swap out their phones....at least most of the people on S4gru, that is. Thanks!
  22. Has anybody got Sprint to swap out their Evo for an S3, based on the LTE connection issue? As much as I like the phone, I'm not all that thrilled that it's sort of a defective phone....at least in regards to LTE connectivity. I'd be more inclined to keep the phone if Sprint just came out and said they know there's an issue still and are working on a fix.....
  23. The information you see on the network.sprint.com site isn't related to the NV rollout. As for the timeframe, I don't think we have any information on that yet. I'm sure once the schedules are finalized for the 3rd and 4th rounds, Robert will post them.
  24. I think we'll see alot more complaints once more markets start and the coverage starts to fill in. If I weren't for this site, I'd probably assume that its not my phone but just the current sparse coverage that was the issue. Hopefully the issue is resolved before everyone's warranty is up.....regardless of whether it's with a software fix or hardware swap.
  25. Unfortunately since Oxnard is in the north LA market, we don't know yet when it will be started. For comparison though, here's a speed test from the other day in Ventura on the way to work. I did notice they enabled eHRPD as of a week or so ago. Sort of off topic though, until north LA is underway.
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