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  1. Strange, the file must have been corrupt or something. I think this is what you want to get to the phone storage with your pc. When connecting to USB, choose media sync on the phone. It should show up like a media player and give you access to the internal storage. I never needed to use it, but just tried it to see and I see both the phone storage and my sd card.
  2. Does Astro have an option to show hidden files? I think that would have made the file show up, since everything that begins with a period gets the hidden attribute.
  3. It looks like they finally fixed the website. I was able to order one last night for my wife.
  4. I think that ATT or anyone else for that matter will run the fiber....as long as you pay the contruction costs that is and it's a somewhat reasonable distance from where the main trunk is running. We're in the process of getting an Opt-E-MAN circuit from ATT. We had to pay construction charges since they had to run about 750' feet of fiber to the building, since there isn't any currently.
  5. squigey

    Evo LTE staying awake

    No problem! I originally had it unchecked, but had seen some posts saying it helped with the wifi cycling, so I enabled it too. Apparently they weren't kidding with that "may consumer more power" note!
  6. squigey

    Evo LTE staying awake

    Under the wifi settings, do you have "best wifi performance" checked? I noticed last week when I had it checked that the Android OS total time would be pretty much equal to my on battery time and caused my battery to drain. At first I thought it was some app causing a wakelock, but when I wiped and restored apps that I knew were fine, the problem came back.
  7. Same here, except replace "Best Buy" with "Wirefly". Instead of money, the extra wait is the price we paid for getting it cheaper than from Sprint.
  8. I just tried the online chat with Wirefly and they gave me the following: Salman : We are waiting for the device "HTC EVO 4G LTE" to be launched. So, we will process the order further on priority basis once we have the device in stock. I think you'll get conflicting information depending on whatever rep you talk to. For kicks I tried about 5 minutes prior and a different rep told me the 18th was the launch date and the same 2-3 week line that people were getting before the whole customs thing went down. Just like other retailers, it takes a while for the info to trickle down and some CSR's know more than others.
  9. I had no luck when I was there over the weekend...although I was mostly in the Riverwalk area. We were by a few towers away from there, but no luck in those spots either.
  10. squigey


    There didn't seem to be any pattern to who got the 2-3 week message and who didn't. In hindsight though, I think Wirefly knew about it and starting giving everyone the 2-3 week ETA. People didn't seem to realize that Wirefly aka Simplexity is fairly large and they provide services to Radio Shack, Target, Best Buy, etc. They all assumed that Wirefly was the small guy and all allocations of the phone were going to Sprint preorders only.
  11. squigey


    Here's the link to XDA. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1649782 There was also a thread at Android Central about it. I preordered through Wirefly, but my status never said 2-3 weeks like some, it just said TBD awaiting inventory.
  12. squigey


    I'm guessing this is why Wirefly starting telling people their orders would be delayed 2-3 weeks.
  13. We have an Airvana at home and it works fine on our Fios connection. The only issue we've had is with outgoing text messaging when both an old and new phone are on, after an ESN swap. Outgoing text messages will fail to send when both are on. After powering off the old(deactivated) phone and restarting the Airvana, everything is good.
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